Inquiring Pet Owners Can “”Ask Purina”” Courtesy of and Ask Jeeves, Inc.

St. Louis, Mo., April 30, 2001

“”How can I keep my cat from scratching the furniture?”” “”What is the best breed of dog for my lifestyle?”” “”How can I help my dog lose weight?”” “”Where is the best place to put my cat’s litter box?””

For pet owners who need to know and need to know now, Ask Jeeves and Ralston Purina Company have the answers.

Pet owners can log onto the Web site, locate the Ask Purina feature and simply type in their question in plain English. Ask Purina will respond by directing them to articles dealing with the subject of their inquiry and related topics. For example, the pet owner might type in, “”How do I house train my puppy?”” and Ask Purina will immediately show him articles drawn from Purina’s vast database of information. Pet owners will have access to information on a variety of topics such as nutrition, health care, new pet care, behavior, training and grooming.

Ask Purina uses Ask Jeeves’ Answers 5.0 to draw articles from many of the Purina Web sites including,,,,, and “”Cat and dog owners already view
Purina as a go-to source for pet information, but Ask Purina will make it that much easier and faster to find the information they need,”” says Blair Morgan, brand manager, Purina Interactive Group. “”Now, through technology, we are making our store of information even more available to pet owners.””

Ask Purina is provided by Ask Jeeves Business Solutions, a division of Ask Jeeves, Inc., and the leading provider of natural language navigation tools. “”Our intuitive, question-answering format not only helps people find what they want quickly and efficiently, but it helps businesses, such as Purina, learn more about what their consumers want to know so they can ultimately provide better service and information,”” says Claudio Pinkus, general manager of Ask Jeeves Business Solutions. “”Because pet owners tend to be information seekers, Ask Purina is going to be a huge help to them and to Purina in meeting their needs.””

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