In Solidarity For Change: Black Lives Matter


Goodnewsforpets Black Anniversary LogoThere is much sadness, disbelief and no good news story about the loss of the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and so many others. Discrimination, racial injustice and prejudice against black people still exists in this country, and we join in the voices advocating for open and honest conversation, and most of all change. has strived to be a positive voice online, promoting “good news” about pets, pet products and issues in veterinary medicine for 20 years. We have worked closely with many veterinary organizations, pet products companies and leaders in veterinary medicine and the pet products industry. We have supported many animal health related causes and continue to do so. Now we stand in solidarity to commit to listen closely to the challenges facing our black colleagues and black pet-loving public.

Just as our parent company, Germinder + Associates proudly stands with allied public relations organizations in renouncing racism, inequality and injustice for black people, Goodnewsforpets stands allied with veterinary organizations such as the AVMA, PrideVMC, and NAVTA and others in their statements of solidarity with the black community.

Through mentoring and service, our team has always been dedicated to promoting diversity. Yet, we know we can do better – so much better. Internally, we have ongoing conversations about what we can continue to do to help this movement.  We are joined together in making sure we’re doing everything in our power to listen and advance the voices that need to be heard.

Team members have each selected their choice of organizations that they would like our company to donate to on their behalf. Those organizations include the George Floyd FundBlack Lives MatterBlack Visions Collective and YWCA Dayton. We will look for other ways to contribute and advocate for change.

Indeed, we too recognize this is a moment of national change.  It’s vitally important to use every channel possible to amplify this message of change, to speak out and stand up for what’s right. We stand with the labck community – Black Lives Matter.


Lea-Ann Germinder and the Team


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