IDEXX Announces AI-Powered Slide-Free Cellular Analyzer, IDEXX inVue Dx™



Idexx inVue Dx Slide-Free AI-Powered Analyzer

Revolutionary Slide-Free Cellular Analyzer, IDEXX inVue Dx™ Transforming In-Clinic Workflows

 The AI-powered, load-and-go platform has the potential to radically shift how veterinarians process, diagnose and act on cytology and blood morphology cases. The global launch of the IDEXX inVue Dx analyzer will begin in late 2024. 

IDEXX Laboratories has announced the launch of the IDEXX inVue Dx™ Cellular Analyzer, a first-of-its-kind slide-free cellular analyzer to detect the most common cytologic changes found in ear and blood samples. With deep AI learning models trained by IDEXX board-certified pathologists, the in-clinic analyzer provides practitioners with reference-laboratory quality results in 10 minutes. Unlike traditional slide methods, the IDEXX inVue Dx analyzer examines cells in their natural state, providing multidimensional images of sample findings and enabling diagnostic insights like never before.

U.S. veterinary practices run approximately 33 million cytology and morphology tests annually,1 often relying on manual and cumbersome processes conducted with a microscope. Sample and slide preparation alone can take between 10 and 20 minutes, and conventional microscopy results are often technique-sensitive and open to subjective interpretation. Additionally, approximately two-thirds of IDEXX in-clinic automated hematology tests report abnormal cell counts or other significant findings that would prompt a blood morphology assessment for further investigation. Yet, due to the significant complexity and time required to perform manual microscopy within the practice, this step is often skipped, leading to missing clinical insights that are important for improved patient outcomes. The IDEXX inVue Dx analyzer’s innovative, slide-free, load-and-go technology removes today’s manual workflow and image analysis steps while generating consistent, clinically actionable results for practitioners and their patients.

“For decades, practitioners like myself have struggled with the inadequacies of slide-based samples and now, with the IDEXX inVue Dx analyzer, the slide-free workflow is a game-changer backed by technology that provides the confidence we need to provide an accurate diagnosis for our patients,” said Guillermo Couto, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM, Oncology).* “Additionally, when paired with the ProCyte Dx® or ProCyte One® hematology analyzer, the IDEXX inVue Dx analyzer will provide rapid analysis of blood cell morphology, aiding veterinarians to arrive at a diagnosis almost instantly.”

According to Idexx, the IDEXX inVue Dx analyzer’s point-of-care platform features and benefits include the following:

  • Seamless, slide-free workflow that virtually eliminates manual steps and removes variability to provide consistent analysis of measurement for ear cytology and blood morphology, including
  • A multidimensional (3-D) assessment of cells that produces high-contrast images of cells unable to be seen under a microscope, resulting in deeper diagnostic results and faster, more confident next steps.
  • Automated blood morphology for identifying and quantifying common red blood cell, white blood cell, and platelet morphologic changes during the patient visit. The IDEXX inVue Dx analyzer provides the most comprehensive and efficient hematology picture available in the clinic when used together with IDEXX’s ProCyte Dx or ProCyte One automated hematology analyzer.
  • Deep AI learning models trained by IDEXX board-certified pathologists from over ten million patient sample images for real-time answers with trusted accuracy in 10 minutes.
  • Integration with IDEXX’s suite of point-of-care analyzers, practice management systems, and VetConnect® PLUS, powered by the IDEXX VetLab® This ecosystem of advanced technology, tools, and experts helps veterinarians interpret results, determine next steps, and facilitate seamless charge capture.
  • Continuous platform menu expansion that demonstrates IDEXX’s Technology for Life strategy. The IDEXX inVue Dx platform’s capabilities will grow over time, with expansion to screening lumps and bumps with fine needle aspirate samples planned next.

“Veterinary professionals are exceedingly busy and are eager for ways to increase capacity,” said Jay Mazelsky, President and Chief Executive Officer of IDEXX. “We strive to be at the forefront of practice-changing innovation, and the IDEXX inVue Dx analyzer is our latest cutting-edge solution that creates efficiencies, provides deeper clinical insights, and increases practitioners’ confidence in their patients’ diagnoses and treatment plans.”

For more information, visit the IDEXX inVue Dx Cellular Analyzer page.

1Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. Westbrook, Maine USA: 2019 Microscopy Utilization Study rates from 175 U.S. practices.

*Dr. Couto has received compensation for consulting services he has provided to IDEXX from time to time.

Source: Idexx Press Release


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