WASHINGTON (May 2, 2001) -All around the nation, animal shelters face the same dilemma: How do we provide the best services for the animals and community under a tight financial budget? The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has one solution: Shelters can join its new Shelter Partners program, which provides participating shelters with revenue-generating programs and discounts on products, services and training opportunities.

Shelter Partners is open to both private and public humane organizations. The partnership agreement involves having the shelter share some annual data with The HSUS. The information, such as the annual operating budget, number of animals handled each year, and number of staff on payroll, is then pooled by The HSUS and used to attract special revenue-generating opportunities and discounts from companies interested in marketing their products or services to shelters.

The program also offers charter members the chance to apply for a grant of up to $5,000 through a one-time grant program, at no cost to the shelter. To be eligible for the grant, shelters must sign up for the Shelter Partners program by June 29.

“Our main goal is to help shelters by pooling their information to attract the best deals and services from national vendors,” said Martha C. Armstrong, HSUS Director of Companion Animals and Equine Protection. “Shelters are always looking for ways to provide the best services while searching for funding opportunities. The HSUS feels that the Shelter Partners program addresses both of these goals.”

The HSUS guarantees that all data collected from Shelter Partners will be used solely for the purposes of soliciting discount pricing and other offers from companies interested in marketing products and services to Shelter Partners, and to guide the direction of The HSUS’s animal protection programs.

Shelter Partners will also receive discounts on HSUS events and publications including the annual HSUS Animal Care Expo trade show and the industry renowned Animal Sheltering magazine.

The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest animal protection organization with more than seven million constituents. For more information on The HSUS Shelter Partners program, visit on the Web.



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