Her Heart Beats Dog & Then Some


This Goodnewsforpets interview features another speaker at the upcoming February 14, 2016 DWAA Writing Seminar in New York City. According to www.dogwriters.org, Gayle King introduced Carol Bryant as, “A dog lover of the highest order,” when she and her Cocker Spaniel appeared on Oprah Radio’s Gayle King show. She is a frequent media contributor, appearing on television, radio, and in print. A guest speaker at conferences and seminars about dog products and travel, she also has a passion for growing social media and helped one client land the “best dog blog” honor. Carol writes for Pet360, Hamptons Pet Magazine, and also works with BlogPaws pet blogger social media community and conferences. She has helped numerous pet industry clients obtain coverage in various forms of media. She is the founder of Wigglebutt Warriors whose heart beats dog.™ Visit Carol at FidoseofReality.com.

Your writing career has taken you from a career as a publicist to both a blogger and publicist. Can you tell us how you balance all your many assignments? 

I tend to view myself as a renaissance woman but my heart truly does beat dog and I even trademarked that with the recent tattoo to prove it. In terms of balance, it is all a matter of setting aside time for each segment. I blog, handle social media, and I also do public relations, all of it in the pet sector. It never feels like work to me. Setting time aside for each aspect is pivotal to success. It’s easy to get lost in the social media vortex and allure.

What don’t you like about blogging, yet you still do it?

The part that I least enjoy is the numbers game and trying to deal with so many emerging platforms. I do it because it is the “nature of the beast” and important to keep up with analytics. I have also learned that one need not be on every social media platform: Only the ones where your followers exist and where you are truly defining your brand.

Can you tell us some of your favorite blogging topics and why?

Health and wellness for dogs is my favorite. Helping dogs live happier, healthier lives is my goal and passion. I also love exploring trends and pet products along with pet-friendly travel, as I have been traveling with a Cocker Spaniel for about 25 years.

What is your DWAA presentation about?

I will be speaking about blogging and why it is all about story telling and not story selling. So many people are interested in the bottom line and almighty dollar. There are ways to monetize a blog and I will touch on that. The main focus on my presentation is using a blog as a platform in the ever changing landscape that is writing in the pet space.

Is your presentation for beginning bloggers, intermediate or veterans?

A bit of all three. I will explore how to get started, how to grow a blog, and ways to monetize and grow in the pet space through blogging.

What do you hope attendees will gain from the presentation?

Attendees will be learn how to get their message across through blogging and the many ways to gain recognition, optimize a blog, resources for growing one, and how to make money blogging in 2016 and beyond in the pet space.

Can someone have a successful career in blogging today?

Absolutely! There are many reasons people blog: To be a full-time blogger is one avenue, but I suggest that unless you have multiple blogs and streams of revenue for each, blogging can serve as a platform to monetize in many ways. In the half hour I have to speak, I will touch on all of this and be available for questions.

What does it take? Can you give us three tips?

To blog one needs:

  • A blog business plan
  • A clearly defined niche
  • A goal and reason for blogging

What has joining DWAA done for your career? 

Through DWAA, the networking has been wonderful and I look forward to the annual dinner and awards each year. I have my paws crossed that maybe this year I will become the bride, as I have been a bridesmaid for many years.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes.  Register for the upcoming DWAA writing seminar. I would also love to invite the attendees to visit my blog, FidoseofReality.com and also to encourage them to join the BlogPaws Community at http://community.blogpaws.com.






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