Happy National Pet Day!

April 11th is national pet day! To many of us our pets are our children and since we love them so much we  just want to show off to friends and family. In this  state of tech-savvy pet ownership today, pets are very visible to anyone who follows us online. When friends click on our Facebook or Instagram account, odds are they’ll see our fur babies staring back at them.
Some pet owners are taking it to the next level, and it’s becoming more and more common that your dog, cat, hamster or pot-bellied pig has their own Instagram account, Twitter feed, Facebook page — or all three. Here’s a look at some of the animal kingdom’s current social media standouts
Grumpy Cat
Top 11 Most Influential Pets on Social Media & Video

In addition to this list, has created a video on the most famous pets who earn more money than humans do. You can check out the video here .

Source/ Photo Credit: Webfluential


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