September is Happy Cat Month


September means back-to-school, pumpkins, and the fall season. The month of September also happens to be the CATalyst Council’s Happy Cat Month! Goodnewsforpets will be joining in on the celebration with the entire month dedicated to providing the information pet owners need to ensure they have happy pets.

Every week this month we will share information about healthy cats and responsible cat ownership. The first week of Happy Cat Month will focus on happy, healthy cats. With education and tips on what you can do to ensure your pet is happy and healthy.

Visit a veterinarian.

Healthy cats are happy cats. While some owners may dread a trip to the veterinarian with their cat, there are many cat-friendly veterinary practices or doctors who specialize in felines and will gladly show owners how pleasant a trip to the veterinarian can be. The American Association of Feline Practitioners has a list of veterinary practices that have earned a “cat friendly” designation. There is likely one near you.

Get your cat acclimated to the carrier.

Many cat owners find that the most difficult part about taking their cat anywhere is getting it into the carrier. Our Cats and Carriers video is a great resource for tips on how to get cats to love their carriers.

Provide preventive medications.

No one likes fleas, ticks, mites or heartworms, especially your cat. Even if your cat is kept strictly indoors, they are still susceptible. Talk with your veterinarian about the best preventive plan for your cat. A parasite-free cat is a happy cat—and preventive care will keep your family healthier, too.

Invest in pet health insurance.

One barrier in getting pets to the veterinarian is cost. Fortunately, pets can get health insurance too, which can help to defray the costs of care. There are many providers – several of which also support non-profit organizations like CATalyst Council, allowing you to care for your pet and lend a helping hand as well.

Know the signs of common illnesses.

Cats are notorious for hiding illnesses; however, if you know the normal behavior for your cat and the signs of common illnesses, you can catch issues before they become life threatening. Things like feline diabetes can often be easily spotted and then treated by a veterinarian. You can also reference sites like PetMD, to help find common issues and causes.


Source: CATalyst Council


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