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Matching Donations Distributed to Shelters – What’s Next?

(NAVC Conference, Orlando, Florida – January 19, 2014) – has announced it has distributed the last of ten three hundred dollar matching donations to local pet shelters from Closter, New Jersey to Santé Fe, New Mexico for the winners of the 2013 Holiday Pet Video Contest. Goodnewsforpets will highlight an adoptable pet from each shelter in the coming weeks.

The first shelter highlighted is Watermelon Mountain Ranch selected by winner Lava Buckley of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Goodnewsforpets is featuring Grateful on the website home page with the hopes Grateful will find a forever home. Here’s Grateful’s back story as told by Sara Garrigan, Director of Development from Watermelon Mountain Ranch , New Mexico:



Grateful was found in May of 2012 wandering on the side of the road in the Town of Bernalillo, New Mexico. She was found with her mouth duct taped shut. After a very gentle hand from our veterinary staff they were able to remove the duct tape from her mouth. Grateful showed an immediate wariness and fear of people, in particular taller males. She has been worked with on a daily basis by the staff and the volunteers. Over the last two years, she has started to come out of her shell more and more. She truly is a very sweet sweet girl; it just takes time for her to warm up to someone. Grateful does not do well with strangers immediately and will take the patience and love of a very special person for her to find her furever home.

To adopt Grateful, call the Watermelon Mountain Ranch at 505-507-7081 or to see other adoptable pets visit

“The compassionate stories and emails from pet owners from the contest about their shelter pets and what their pets mean to them are truly compelling. But our winners are clear that they are thrilled to donate to help other pets. We are pleased to help and will continue to look for ways to donate, promote and publicize this need,” said Lea-Ann Germinder, Editor & Publisher.

Winning Videos and Designated Shelter Donations are Listed Below.

Above each video is the link to the designated shelter that received a donation. Please click on each video image to see the winning full-length video on YouTube.

Thank you to everyone who entered and/or viewed the contest videos and watch for more contests from Be sure to follow up on Facebook and to register to receive our emails, click here.

Designated Shelter Donation Recipient

Orphans of the Storm
Riverwoods, Illinois

Molly & The Gabels

“Molly & The Gabels”
Wendy Gabel
Deerfield, Illinois

Designated Shelter Donation Recipient

Adopt & Shop Lakewood
Lakewood California

"Our Four-Legged Holiday" Michelle Sahlin Lakewood, California

“Our Four-Legged Holiday”
Michelle Sahlin
Lakewood, California

Designated Shelter Donation Recipient

Richardson Humane Society, Inc.
Richardson, Texas

"Jack, Family & Friends Christmas" Chance Harris Richardson, Texas

“Jack, Family & Friends Christmas”
Chance Harris
Richardson, Texas

Designated Shelter Donation Recipient

Idaho Humane Society
Boise, Idaho

"Merry Christmas Willie" Kimberly Oswalt Meridian, Idaho

“Merry Christmas Willie”
Kimberly Oswalt
Meridian, Idaho

Designated Shelter Donation Recipient

Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation
Arlington, Virginia

"Grizzly's Christmas" Zachary Mondres Centreville, Virginia

“Grizzly’s Christmas”
Zachary Mondres
Centreville, Virginia

Designated Shelter Donation Recipient

The Horse Shelter
Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Ringo" Andrea O'Brien Franklinville, New Jersey

Andrea O’Brien
Franklinville, New Jersey

Designated Shelter Donation Recipient

Dearborn Animal Shelter
Dearborn, Michigan

"Alex and Family Christmas" Jill Kathan Livonia, Michigan

“Alex and Family Christmas”
Jill Kathan
Livonia, Michigan

Designated Shelter Donation Recipient

Closter Animal Welfare Society (CLAWS)
Closter, New Jersey

"Lily & Daisy" Jordan Kaprielian New Milford, New Jersey

“Lily & Daisy”
Jordan Kaprielian
New Milford, New Jersey

Designated Shelter Donation Recipient

Watermelon Mountain Ranch
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

"The Loki Mambo Christmas Dance Celebration" Lava Buckley Albuquerque, New Mexico

“The Loki Mambo Christmas Dance Celebration”
Lava Buckley
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Designated Shelter Donation Recipient

Animal Friends
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Christmas with My Four-Footed Family" Tanja Berkhouse Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Christmas with My Four-Footed Family”
Tanja Berkhouse
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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