Germinder/Goodnewsforpets’ Casey Participates in the #LickMyFace Challenge


My dog Bradi and I have accepted the “Lick My Face” challenge and we challenge YOU to do the same! I wasn’t particularly excited to surrender my beautiful face to my dog’s loving licks, but I can never back down from a challenge and the cause is a great one.

The challenge is apart of the “Lick My Face” campaign to support the nonprofit organization, Target Zero. Target Zero aims to teach animal shelter and welfare leaders nation wide the best practices to obtain a “zero kill” (no kill) shelter. The challenge is to see how many face licks you can receive from your pet, each lick amounts to one dollar being donated to the organization’s good cause.

Simply record your dog, or any four-legged companion, licking your face and upload the video to any social media site with the hashtags #lickmyface #targetzero. You can put any pet friendly substance, such as all-natural peanut butter, on your face to encourage your pet to give you more licks. Then, donate at least one dollar per lick at

As you can see, Bradi is a real face-licker and didn’t need any peanut butter on my face to get the job done. She’s a quick one, but I counted 38 licks! Can you and your pet beat that?! Show us your video with the hashtag #goodnewsforpets in addition to the challenge hashtag #lickmyface. Are you up for the challenge?!


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