Get Social with The Company of Animals

Bridgeport, CT (June 15, 2012) " Put some more play in your day! That’s what The Company of Animals is urging pets and parents to do, and then they want you to tell them all about it. The brand made famous for their humane training techniques and products is encouraging fur-families to go out and enjoy the summer as part of their new social media campaign, “Fur-ventures”.

Long time supporters of animal advocacy, The Company of Animals is excited to launch this campaign. “We’ve always believed that the family that plays together stays together, so we really want to encourage people to get out and enjoy their pet this summer,” comments Jeanette Holliday, Marketing Manager at US division of The Company of Animals. “It fosters and strengthens the relationship between pet and parent, in addition to adding a healthy dose of activity into your everyone’s lifestyle.

The Company of Animals suggests some of the following ideas to kick-off your summer activities with Fido:

  • Visit a new dog park
  • Try hiking with your fur-friend in tow
  • Check for nearby dog-friendly beaches
  • Set up a play date with another pet parent and their pooch
  • Try a new activity, like surfing or agility competitions
  • Throw a dog-friendly BBQ with your neighbors
  • Bring your dog to work
  • Play fetch (it’s more fun than you remember)
  • Jog with your pet

Pet people who share their adventures on The Company of Animals new US Facebook page will be randomly awarded special treats. Facebook fans could receive popular products from The Company of Animals " like the Nina Ottosson interactive games, The Pet Corrector auditory training tool, the CarSafe seatbelt harness and agility equipment from the CLIX line and much more. Thanks to The Company of Animals, pet parents could be one sunny outing with Fido away from enhancing their relationship with their pet, and revamping their stash of pet product!

About The Company of Animals

Founded by highly acclaimed UK pet behaviorist Dr. Roger Mugford, The Company of Animals is the UK’s provider of training products designed to achieve a positive relationship between pets and their parents. The Company of Animals designs and manufactures a wide range of acclaimed products, including the HALTI®, the first-ever head collar for dogs, & HALTI Harness; Pet CorrectorTM, Coachies, CLIXTM training range and much more. For more information, please visit


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