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Editor’s Note: While not strictly goodnewsforpets, since so many of us lead hectic lives that allow less time to spend with our pets than we’d like, we are including the following energy-boosting suggestions. Playing with our pets or taking a walk with them can increase our energy level even after the proverbial “long, hard day at the office.” And, that’s good for all of us.

LOS ANGELES, May 8 /PRNewswire/ — Have you ever run out of steam before noon or simply woke up in a fog that lingered throughout the day because you haven’t slept enough? The good news is there are ways to get energized to help you get through your day.

When you need refueling, try these pick-me-ups:

Exercise: Although you may logically think that working out would deplete your energy reserves, the opposite is true. You can shake yourself awake by exercising which boosts the body’s circulation, speeds up metabolism and triggers the release of adrenaline to provide you with an energy boost to last for several hours. Endorphins are also released into the blood stream, which are known mood-elevating brain chemicals that give us a sense of well being. Keep in mind that exercise doesn’t need to be an hour workout at the gym. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work, or take a 10-minute walk for a quick energy surge.

Caffeine: Hands-down, the favorite reviver is caffeine for a quick jolt to the central nervous system to heighten alertness. Coffee, tea and cola all have caffeine. But did you know that energy drinks such as Lipovitan B3 also contain B vitamins, important for the body’s metabolism and also important for combating stress. Lipovitan (the first energy drink developed over 35 years ago) is scientifically formulated to convert carbohydrates into energy, providing a more sustained energy boost.

Protein: By eating protein-rich foods, you increase the body’s levels of tyrosine, an amino acid in the brain used to make chemical messengers that promote quick thinking and fast reactions. Be sure to watch your fat intake when consuming protein. Fat slows the rate of digestion diverting blood from the brain, making us feel sluggish.

For a protein boost, try skinless chicken, fish and nonfat yogurt. Some experts recommend steering clear of foods rich in L-tryptophan, an amino acid that the brain converts to serotonin, a chemical that can make us drowsy. Although 90% of all protein- rich foods contain L-tryptophan, it is found in larger quantities in milk, turkey and beans. Also, go easy on the carbohydrates, such as starches and sugars that increase levels of L-tryptophan.

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