From Pets to Afghan Children

I’m asking listeners of my syndicated radio shows “”Animal Planet Radio”” and “”The Pet News,”” and “”Pet Central”” on WGN in Chicago – and those who read my newspaper columns around America – to contribute one dollar per pet, as the President has asked children to do. The idea really comes from John and Joan Montgomery of Chicago, inspiring the idea with the following letter.

“”Dear President Bush,

My name is Boots Montgomery. I am a 10-year old Tibetan terrier, and I’m very smart for my age and size. I saw you on television this week and heard you ask for help for the Afghanistan children. I think that’s a good thing to do so I asked my daddy how I could earn money. He gave me a job guarding our house. It’s hard work. You have to bark a lot. I don’t mind.

Afghanistan is in Asia too you know, and that’s where my ancestors came from. Also, I’m sure I have a much better life than those children. So, here’s my dollar!

My family and I think you are doing a wonderful job and we’re very proud of you and our country.

Love, Boots Montgomery, Chicago, IL

P.S. My daddy helped me (a little) to write this letter.””

I hope Boots Montgomery’s letter will encourage similar letters to the President, from rabbits, ferrets, dogs, cats, birds, fish and all sorts of pets – Send one buck per pet to: America’s Fund From Pets For Afghan Children, c/o The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D. C. 20509. (According to the White House, cash, money orders and personal checks are accepted).

The AVMA is partnering with “”Pet Central”” and my syndicated newspaper column to encourage contributions to Afghan children. Dr. Bruce W. Little, CEO and executive vice president of the American Veterinary Medical Association says, “”With approximately 112 million dogs and cats in the United States, a contribution of $1 dollar per pet can go a long way to alleviate the suffering of Afghan children.””
Our pets receive the best veterinary care in the world. Children in Afghanistan receive meager, archaic medical care. Our dogs and cats live longer than millions of Afghan children. Clearly, something is wrong with this picture.

The distressing truth is the vast majority of our pets enjoy a far better life than the children of Afghanistan. According to President George Bush, most Afghan children won’t live long enough to celebrate their fourth birthday, and of those who do nearly a third will be orphaned, and about half will suffer from malnutrition.

You can do something about it! Even if you’ve already contributed a dollar in the name of your real children, I hope you consider sending another buck per each pet.

Here’s a way we can send a message to Afghanistan about the heart of American’s – even some who’s kids happen to have four legs or feathers. Of course, what’s most important is you’ll do your part to help children in desperate need.


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