From Like to Love: Switching It Up Again

Do you like your pet or love your pet?  Well, we don’t say pet “likers” do we?  Love, that word once reserved for a select few, now has several interpretations.  Most of us really don’t mind saying we are pet lovers.  And to love something in a written format seems to be the equivalent of “I REALLY like that.”

The latest is companies and organizations want you to “love” not “like” them on facebook.  I have my theories on why this is so and rather than be busy here, we’ve been busy ourselves in social media channels — and I myself have attended North America Veterinary Conference, the International Poultry Expo, the Western Veterinary Conference, Westminster and Global Pet Expo — with trips to the KC Animal Health Corridor in between.

We’ve been in the internet aka “digital” space since 1995 with the launch of Pets Need Dental Care, Too, I launched Germinder & Associates in 1998, and launched in 2000 – heck we’ve won awards on our work all along the way.  PRSA Silver Anvil Award of Excellence, the AAHA Gold Key Award, the Business Marketing Association Fountain Awards, dozens of GKCPRSA Prism Awards, Women Who Mean Business…you get the picture.  And, even as I and my team tweet and follow, like and now love, I still get an occassional “we’re going to an agency who had enough business to be in the ‘digital’ space.” Okayyyy now…..not feeling the love there!

It’s been a phenomenal run, but it isn’t what you’ve done, but where you are going.  From AOL to google+ to whatever is next, we’ve run with it.  The common thread has been good solid communications. We’re not about to change that, but when this most recent response hit and I heard about the like to love theory hit, I decided it’s time  to switch up our presence again.

So, we will continue to post in this space as appropriate, but you’ll be hearing from me in different ways.  For more on my take on the world of communications, follow me @lgerminder or friend me on facebook at Lea-Ann E. O’Hare Germinder (my professional page).  For more on goodnewsforpets, follow us at and friend us on facebook at  I’m sure we will switch it up again but that’s the name of the game.  Keep moving. The truth be known, we really not only want you to like us, we want you to love us too!


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