From Don to Sensation & Then Some: What Makes Westminster So Special

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in and of itself is a treasured institution to New Yorkers and Dog Lovers all over the world.  Established in 1877, it’s the second longest continuously held sporting event in the U.S., just one year behind the Kentucky Derby.   Being that old doesn’t make it stodgy.  No, Westminster’s been on its game since the very beginning.  It seems even the emblem of the show, a Pointer from England named “Don” became “Sensation” upon being imported to the United States.

And, the showmanship continues!  Every year there is something new to talk about…and then some. David Frei is the public spokesperson for the Westminster Kennel Club and has been the television voice of Westminster since 1990.  It’s always exciting to get the latest news from him and his team. This year, we’ve highlighted the record number of entries and the two new breeds to compete and how they were selected.  Plus, an extraordinary poster capturing the elegant competition.

To me, Westminster also holds a special place not because of the dogs, which are of course a sight to behold, but because of the dog world people I’ve come to know.   From meeting Mordecai Siegal in the Westminster press room in 2000 to the excitement of finding out who of the writers won at the Dog Writer’s Association of America Banquet to the electric atmosphere of today’s Westminster Press Room, I’ve always come away with new friends, new contacts, and a feeling that it just doesn’t get any better in the dog world than this.  Now on with The Show….


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