From Crazy Bananas to August Light Studio, Megan Peters Shows the Way

Megan Peters and Lea Ann Germinder

Megan Peters and  Lea-Ann Germinder

When I started my career in communications it wasn’t in public relations. It wasn’t in publishing or journalism. It was working as a marketing administrator directly for Jack Matthews, the president of MacDonald Creative Marketing, a subsidiary of then E.F. MacDonald, an incentive company in Dayton, Ohio. He showed me the way. Jack was introducing personalized laser printed direct mail programs to Fortune 500 companies.

I worked directly with Jack and soon the New York City Sales Office Manager Kevin O’Sullivan, receiving a first-hand view of top level business meetings right out of college. I went on to work with some spectacular account executives,  supervisors and other company presidents. That first experience with those top executives launching new initiatives set the course for my career, my entrepreneurial venture and working with CEOs and other leaders as clients.

As my own career progressed I made a point to mentor young professionals, establishing internship programs at each agency. I was given an opportunity as a college graduate that launched a career. Perhaps even an internship would spark an interest in a student to pursue a career in communications. This is the philosophy I followed in launching Germinder + Associates, and many fine interns and professionals have passed through our doors.

In 2005, Megan Peters joined our firm as an intern. She quickly was promoted to Assistant Account Executive and then Account Executive before leaving to start her family. Smart, talented, creative, she not only always gives her all, but always was quick to help others learn as well. Fast forward to today and we continue to work on projects together.

Megan Peters, creator of Crazy Bananas, a blog she started before blogging had really even taken off, has been named  the ninth Germinder20 Power of Pink Honoree. She now owns August Light Studio, a photography studio in the Crossroads district of Kansas City. But, being Megan, she is so much more than that with her mom blogging, her writing, her activism. I look with awe with what she is doing with her life. She now shows me the way, in more ways than one!

Congratulations Megan. Well deserved as always.

Lea-Ann Germinder



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