(Schaumburg, Ill. – April 7, 2000) – Celebrate the year 2000 and the 20th anniversary of National Pet Week this May 7-13.

The National Pet Week theme, “Friends For Life,” embraces the evolution of the pet from workhorse and yard dog to valued member of the 21st-century family.

Whether Goldie the classroom goldfish eased yours or your child’s transition from home into an academic environment, Charlie, the cuddly mixed-breed dog listened without judgment when you failed a test, or Mia the generally cool cat wouldn’t leave your side the week you were recovering from the flu, they are all “Friends for Life.”

This special week is set aside by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Auxiliary to the AVMA, the American Animal Hospital Association, and the North American Veterinary Technician Association, Inc. to celebrate the animals that have been important to us at every stage of our lives! Veterinary clinics across the country are sponsoring open houses, pet health care educational programs, dog jogs, fun runs, and fundraisers to benefit special animal related causes.

“Whether a church sponsors a blessing of the pets, or a veterinary clinic sponsors a pet adoption festival, CPR training classes, an open house, or even a more whimsical event such as a doggie/owner look-a-like contest, it is clear we consider our pets ’Friends for Life.’ ” said AVMA president, Dr. Leonard F. Seda. “The interest in pets and their welfare has grown phenomenally in the 20 years since National Pet Week’s creation. I think people relish the opportunity to share with others what their pets have meant to them.”

Auxiliary President Pat Anderson agrees. “National Pet Week came into being to draw attention to the importance of the relationship between pets and their owners and the part the veterinarian plays in that relationship. Now, 20 years later, National Pet Week expands that relationship to the current concept of the human-animal bond.”



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