Fort Dodge Animal Health Establishes ProHeart® Hero Award To Recognize Canine Heroes

Fort Dodge Animal Health has established the ProHeart® Hero Award to recognize and honor canine companions that demonstrate heroism through acts of courage. The first ProHeart Hero Award was presented today to the New York Police Department, K-9 Unit.

(left to right) NYPD K-9 Unit Officers Robert Schnelle and Officer Dave Sanabria kneel close to their canine colleagues, Atlas and Storm, during the ProHeart® Hero Award ceremony.

“Our nation’s tragedy spotlighted the vital role dogs play in search and rescue programs throughout the year,” explains E. Thomas Corcoran, President of Fort Dodge Animal Health. “The bravery and untiring efforts displayed by each of the Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs at the World Trade Center disaster site are truly heroic and exemplify the courageous hearts of ProHeart Heroes. We’re proud to initiate this on-going award by honoring the NYPD K-9 Unit.”

Fort Dodge will also recognize the National Association of Search and Rescue (NASAR) at the NAVC for their training and education efforts throughout the year of SAR dogs across the country. Because of their strength, dedication and keen senses, dogs are extensively trained to find people in wilderness settings as well as disaster sites, often leading dangerous rescue efforts such as those in New York City. Canine search and recovery efforts continue today at the World Trade Center disaster site.

Everyday across the country, canine companions are involved in a wide variety of services-including matters of life and death – that benefit millions of people over the years. In addition to search and rescue efforts, dogs are taught to assist in the day-to-day living of people with disabilities, enabling them to enjoy fuller and richer lives. Fort Dodge will continue to recognize the heroic acts of our canine companions by presenting more ProHeart Hero Awards in the future.

(left to right) Mike Forsythe, canine search and rescue specialist coordinator representing NASAR with O’Cara, Officer Robert Schnelle with Atlas, Lieutenant Daniel Donadio, and Officer Dave Sanabria with Storm of the NYPD K-9 unit accept recognition and their awards from Fort Dodge Animal Health president E. Thomas Corcoran at the ProHeart® Hero Award Ceremony.

For more information about the ProHeart Hero Award, visit our website

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