Fort Dodge Animal Health Announces Approval of Duramune® Adult

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (March 25, 2004) ” Fort Dodge Animal Health, a division of Wyeth, announces the approval of Duramune® Adult, the first USDA-licensed vaccine with three-year virus challenge data against a trio of deadly canine diseases; canine parvo (CPV), canine distemper (CDV) and canine adenovirus (CAV).

Another Fort Dodge first, Duramune® Adult will provide veterinarians with the product they have been asking for; a vaccine with extended duration of immunity data based on controlled challenge studies. For the first time, the USDA has approved a vaccine that is particularly well suited as a booster for adult dogs if an extended vaccination interval program is being utilized. Fort Dodge, however, continues to emphasize twice-a-year visits are still the benchmark for responsible healthcare for pets.

“”Twice-a-year visits, comprehensive wellness exams and appropriate vaccinations remain the gold standard of a sound preventative health program for all animals. For many diseases, such as Leptospirosis, Corona, Giardia, Bordetella and Lyme disease, annual vaccinations are still critical in maintaining the health of at-risk pets,”” said Mike LaRosh, DVM, and Director of Professional Services for Fort Dodge Animal Health.

“”Only veterinarians, who have a valid doctor-client-patient relationship, can examine a pet, discuss the risk of the various diseases and decide the optimal preventative program with a pet owner. Together they can set the appropriate vaccination protocol for the individual animal based on its lifestyle, age and other factors. Duramune® Adult is an option for veterinarians and pet owners seeking a modified annual vaccination schedule,”” said LaRosh.

Fort Dodge Animal Health, a leader in breakthrough technology in veterinary medicine, began extended duration of immunity challenge studies with this vaccine more than four years ago, and recently received USDA approval to offer this product to veterinarians.

For more information regarding this vaccine, please contact Fort Dodge Animal Health’s Professional Services department at 1-800-533-8536.

Fort Dodge Animal Health, a division of Wyeth (NYSE:WYE), is a leading manufacturer and distributor of prescription and over-the-counter animal health care products for livestock, companion animal, equine, swine and poultry industries in North America and international markets. Key products include West Nile-InnovatorTM, ProHeart® 6, CYDECTIN® Pour-On, Quest® Gel and EtoGesic® Tablets. The company is headquartered in Overland Park, KS.



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