Forecast Survey – Pet Ownership to Remain Popular Through 2025

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At Interzoo 2016, the world’s leading trade fair for pet supplies, the industry associations IVH (Industrial Association of Pet Care Producers) and ZZF (German Pet Trade & Industry Association) presented the most important findings of the survey they had commissioned: “Forecast survey of pet ownership in Germany until 2025”. The survey predicts that even in ten years’ time, people will still want to share their lives with pets and that cats, dogs and ornamental fish will be even more popular than before.

Düsseldorf/Wiesbaden, 26 May 2016- The forecast survey conducted by market research institute GIM (Society for Innovative Market Research) “Forecast survey on trends in the pet population in Germany” predicts that the number of cats and dogs will be up two percent by 2025. There will also be a rise in the number of aquariums (up 2%) and garden ponds with ornamental fish (up 3%). Interest in keeping small mammals will remain at around the same level (-1%), while there will be a slight drop in ownership of terrariums (-2%). The downward trend in ornamental bird ownership in recent years is likely to continue (down 6%).

The pet keeping of the future

The results of the forecast survey are based on extensive polls and analyses of various data sources. The findings suggest that in the future, pet ownership will continue to be characterised by the key demographic influences of housing situation, garden, family and phase of life. On the other hand, no significant effects are attributed to factors such as age, income and travel.

Apart from these demographic circumstances, pet keeping is also shaped by changing social attitudes and values.

For more information regarding the data collection and analysis process of this survey, visit: here

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