Fill Your Home With Wags and Woofs This Holiday Season!

Tis the season and with the spirit of giving in the air many people may be wondering “how can I help make a difference this year?” While there are several options out there to consider, recommends adopting a dog from your local shelter! The sad reality is that more and more pets are being relinquished to shelters at an alarming rate. Most shelters are having a difficult time finding enough space for these pets and for many, the chance of finding a new home may never happen.

Adopting a dog from a shelter will certainly add some cheer to your family this holiday season, however the decision should not be considered lightly and the process of adoption may require more than you think. However, if you’ve considered adding a furry member to your family here are a couple of tips to help you understand the adoption process and help make sure that you are prepared to bring your new companion home!

Here are the ASPCA’s Top 10 Tips for Adopting the Perfect Family Pet:

  1. Before you adopt a pet, talk to family members about what they want.
  2. If you’re getting a pet for your children, don’t expect the kiddies to do all the work.
  3. Make sure your family is ready for the changes a new pet will bring.
  4. Do a little research to learn which breed matches your family’s lifestyle.
  5. Confirm whether anyone in your family suffers from allergies.
  6. Teach your family and kids about pet parenting before you adopt.
  7. Know that some animals and young children may not play well together.
  8. Make sure a pet suits your home and lifestyle.
  9. Stock up on supplies, food and toys before you bring your pet home.
  10. Create a schedule to share responsibility for caring for your pet.

The ASPCA has several additional resources and information on pet adoption including a shelter database to help you locate shelters in your area. They also feature pets that are available for adoption complete with pictures of the pet and basic information including breed, sex, age and a short bio. If you still aren’t sure if you’ve found the right pet for your family, the ASPCA offers the Meet Your Match® program. This program helps evaluate an animal’s behavior and interests and matches them to an adopter’s preferences so you can be sure you and your pet are a match. For more information, please visit

For more information on what to expect with the adoption process, visit

Adopting a dog can not only help save their life, it will undoubtedly provide you and your family with years of friendship and love. So bring home the gift that keeps on giving! Visit your local shelter and help make a difference in the life of a dog today. We hope your holiday season is filled with peace, joy and of course a few wags and woofs. Happy Holidays from your friends at!


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