Every Dog Counts Rescue is Chosen to Receive Donation after our Sixth Contest


Each time we learn about the amazing stories of the human-animal bond that exists in our country, it’s always something we love to share.

For our sixth Charmed by the Love contest, we are happy to announce Linda Szymoniak as the winner. Szymoniak was proud to make Every Dog Counts Rescue as the shelter of her choice.

Every Dog Counts Rescue

This rescue is a non-profit organization located in Indianapolis, Indiana that houses animals until they find a home, or are able to move to a safer environment. The shelter is very excited to have been chosen to receive such an amazing gift and be a part of the win.

“The dogs will love the toys and the donation is very appreciated,” said Tara Harris Holloran, Founder and Director of Every Dog Counts Rescue.

With three dogs herself, Szymoniak understands how impactful helping a dog in need can be. Not too long ago, Kenji, one of her dogs was diagnosed with lymphoma. Although their family is going through a tough time while also in a pandemic, she still has hope with all the love and support from her other pets as well.

Linda's dogs cropped

“He’s doing absolutely great and we have good reason to expect the treatment to put the lymphoma in remission,” said Szymoniak. “Megumi is my youngest dog and she doesn’t understand why Kenji is getting so much attention. She is going to love the plush toys [from the goodnewsforpets package].”

The family is staying strong, despite their trials and are excited to have been blessed with the title of our Fetch for Pets sixth contest winner.

About Every Dog Counts Rescue

Every Dog Counts Rescue (EDCR) is a non-profit all-volunteer organization founded to save the lives of dogs in high-kill shelters in Indianapolis and the Midwest. Dogs facing death row are pulled from these shelters and live in our foster homes and receive veterinary care while awaiting transport to our rescue partners in areas of the country with less pet over-population, or until we find a loving home for them locally.

To learn more about Every Dog Counts Rescue, click here!


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