DWAA 2009 Writing Competition Awards

1. Newspaper: feature or news story
Karen Petit, “Columbia Dog Lovers Get a Bite of the Big Time” (Columbus Star, 2/20/09)
**Fran Pennock Shaw, “Heartworm Disease” (Sunday News/Lancaster Newspapers, 5/31/09)
Joan Hustace Walker, “A Decade in the Making” (Daily Press, 2/15/09)
2. Newspaper: column
**Maryanne Dell, “Pets” (Orange County Register)
Sarah A. Ferrell, “Devoted To Dogs” (The Free Lance-Star)
Sue Owens Wright, “Pets and Their People” (Inside Publications)
Deborah Wood, “Pet Talk” (The Oregonian)
3. Newspaper: editorial/opinion/essay
Joanne Anderson, “Heartworm Pills Save Money & Lives” (Babylon Beacon, 5/27/09)
**Monica Collins, “South Boston Is Going to the Dogs” (Boston Globe, 5/14/09)
Marty Van Duyne, “My Four-Pawed Angel” (Stafford County Sun, 11/21/09)

1. Magazine: all-breed
AKC Family Dog
**AKC Gazette
Dog Fancy
2. Magazine: single breed
French Bullytin
Ridgeback Register
**Celebrating Greyhounds
3. Magazine: special interest dog or all animal magazine
Clean Run
Off Lead & Animal Behavior
Therapy Dogs, Inc.
4. Magazine: yearbook/annual/special edition
Puppies USA 2010 Annual (BowTie)
Puppy Care Basics (BowTie)
Labrador Retriever Puppies (BowTie)
**Puppy Training Basics (BowTie)
5. Magazine: feature in all-breed magazine
Mara Bovsun, “A Specialist’s Touch” (AKC Gazette, March 2009)
Natalie Ann Comeau, “CAT and Dogs” (Dogs In Canada, March 2009)
Col. David Hancock, M.B.E., “Perpetuating Type” (Dogs In Canada, Oct 2008)
Nancy Kay, D.V.M., “The 10 Commandments of Veterinary Office Visits” (Bark, Sept/Oct 2008)
Susan McCullough, “Picking the Lock” (AKC Gazette, Sept 2008)
**Magda Omansky, “On the Scent of A Killer” (AKC Gazette, Dec 2008)
Meredith Wargo, “Making Adjustments” (Dog World, May 2009)
6. Magazine: feature in single breed magazine
Tracie Laliberte-Bailey, “Your CKCS May Be Good Therapy for Others” (The Royal Dispatch, Winter 2009)
Suzanne McKay, “Health Testing: At What Cost?” (Our Havanese, Nov/Dec 2008)
**Lisa Ricciotti, “Exposed” (The French Bullytin, Sept 2008)
7. Magazine: feature in special interest magazine
Denise Flaim, “Standard Bearer: Crafting the Dogue De Bordeaux Standard” (Modern Molosser, June 2009)
Denise Flaim, “Window to the Womb” (Modern Molosser, June 2009)
Julie Hill, “Donna Rock” (Front & Finish, May/June 2009)
Lisa Marzban, “The Story of Willow, the Last Surviving Canine Hero of 9/11” (DogSport, May/June 2009)
**James B. Spencer, “The Ideal Golden Retriever” (Gun Dog, June/July 2009)
8. Magazine: feature in all animal or general interest magazine
Jean M. Fogle, “Gardener’s Best Friend” (Hobby Farm and Home, May/June 2009)
**James Hettinger, “The End of the Chain?” (Animal Sheltering, Jan/Feb 2009)
Debra White, “Vick Dogs”One Year Later” (Pet Planet, Spring 2009)
9. Magazine: feature in yearbook, annual, or special edition
**Caroline Coile, “Socializing Sausages” (Popular Dogs: Dachshunds, BowTie)
Rhonda Hovan, “Understanding Canine Cancer” (CCAH Update, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine)
Diana Laverdure, “Hold That Needle” (Natural Dog, BowTie)
Nikki Moustaki, “Postcards from Paris” (Puppies USA, BowTie)
10. Magazine: article breed profile in any magazine
Susan McCullough, “Peak Performance: Pyrenean Shepherd” (AKC Gazette, Sept. 2008)
**Susan McCullough, “The Dachsie Disposition” (Popular Dogs: Dachshunds, BowTie)
Susan McCullough, “A Bold and Vailant Figure: Giant Schnauzer” (AKC Gazette, Nov 2008)
11. Magazine: article on training and/or behavior in any magazine
Mara Bovsun, “Canine Cowardly Lions” (AKC Family Dog, Jan/Feb 2009)
Pia Silvani, “Reinforcing Fear: Why the Debate?” (APDT Chronicle of the Dog, May/June 2009)
Barbara Wicklund, “When A Dog Goes Blind” (AKC Family Dog, May/June 2009)
**Gary Wilkes, “The Rules of the Pack and Other Tales” (Off Lead & Animal Behavior, Winter 2008)
12. Magazine: column
**Bud Boccone, “The ACE Files” (AKC Family Dog)
Caroline Coile, “Nutrition” (AKC Gazette)
Lisa Curry, Esq., “Laws & Paws” (Dogs In Review)
Deborah Schildkraut, Ph.D., “Casa Canine” (PETroglyphs)
James B. Spencer, “Retrieve” (Gun Dog)
13. Magazine: subject related series
Ria Hörter, “Masterminds” (Dogs In Canada)
Susan Smith, “A Learning Theory Primer” (APDT Chronicle of the Dog)
**Risë Van Fleet, “Engaging Owners Fully in Dog Training” (APDT Chronicle of the Dog)
14. Magazine: opinion/essay/editorial
Alison Hughes, “Barks: The Brains of the Operation” (Dogs in Canada, Feb 2009)
Lisa Price, “Throwing the Ball” (Dogs In Canada, Nov 2008)**Kimberly Sisak, “One Special Girl” (AKC Family Dog, March/April 2009)
Rebecca Wallwork, “Remembering Trixie” (AKC Gazette, Sept 2008)

1. Canine newspaper or newsletter
Heartline, Sacramento SPCA
Downeast Dog News, Downeast Dog News, LLC **Your Dog, Tufts University
2. Canine newspaper or newsletter: feature article on health and/or care
**Lisa T. Jung, “Rabies Challenge Fund Fuels Studies” (Downeast Dog News, June 2009)
Joan Hustace Walker, “No Buddy Left Behind: Operation Baghdad Pups” (DogWatch, Jan 2009)
3. Canine newspaper or newsletter: feature on all other topics
Lisa T. Jung, “Beneficial Bonds” (Downeast Dog News, Nov 2008)
Lisa T. Jung, “Grace & Grit” (Downeast Dog News, March 2009)
**Joan Hustace Walker, “Foreclosure: The Untold Story” (DogWatch, April 2009)

1. Website: entire website
**DogNewsIsGoodNews.com, Holly Sherburne, editor (Downeast Dog News)
PetCareNaturally.com, Shawn Messonnier, editor
DogChannel.com, Susan Chaney, editor (Bowtie)
DogsInCanada.com, Kelly Caldwell, editor (Dogs In Canada)
2. Website: feature article
Nini Bloch, “Gone From Competition But Not Forgotten: Buddy’s Run” (usdaa.com 5/05/09)
**Elizabeth M. Jarrell, “Westminster is For Everyone” (purebreddogwriters.com/feature_articles)
Lisa Wade McCormick, “More Pets Turned Over to Shelters in Ailing Economy” (consumeraffairs.com, Oct 2008)
Sandy Robins, “What Makes an Airline ‘Pet Friendly?’” (msnbc.com, June 2009)
3. Website: regular column
Tracie Laliberte-Bailey, “Dog Pawse” (thesunchronicle.com)
Allan Reznik, “Ask the Dog Show Expert” (dogchannel.com)
**Kim Thornton, “Creature Comforts” (msnbc.com)
4. Online magazine, newsletter, or publication
Arden Moore Knows Pets (ardenmoore.com/newsletters/e-newsletters.html)
**North Texas Golden (goldenretrievers.org/newsletter)
The Ridgeback Register (theridgebackregister.com/freeenewsletter.html)
5. Blog: single blog
**Suzanne M. Law, “Choose to Heal” (sympawtico.blogspot.com, 9/21/08)
Liz Palika, “Old Dogs Are a Treasure” (petconnection.com, 5/31/09)
Allan Reznik, “The Best Surprise Is No Surprise” (dogchannel.com 1/16/09)
6. Blogs: regular blogs
**Nancy Kay, D.V.M., “Speaking for Spot” (speakingforspot.com/blog)
Liz Palika, “The Making of a Therapy Dog” (petconnection.com)
Allan Reznik, “The Dog Insider Blog” (dogchannel.com)

1. Photography: color
Mary Fish Arango, Bloodhound Puppies (Puppy Love by Liz Palika, Howell/Wiley)
Suzanne Bird, Standard Poodle cover (Dogs In Canada, Feb 2009)
Gary Ellis, Saluki cover, (Saluki Sightings. Spring/Summer 2009)
Kimberly Kuhlman, English Springer Spaniel (AKC Gazette, Sept 2008)
**Tracy Libby, Sugar and Cheddar (Dogs & Cats Calendar 2010, Browntrout Publishing)
2. Photography: black and white
**Karen Martinac, Sassy Summer Lassies (The Corgi Cryer, Summer 2009)
Suzanne McKay, Birthday Wish (Hav News and Views, Summer 2009)
Claire Podlaseck, English Cocker Spaniel (AKC Gazette, May 2009)
3. Photography: series
**Frank Bruynbroek, “Beauty in the Abandoned” (Dog Fancy, March 2009)
Chet Jezierski, “A Beagle Called Uno” (Dog News, 2/06/09)
Chet Jezierski, “Stump Takes Manhattan” (Dog News, 2/27/09)
Dean Palmer, “The Basics” (Dogs In Canada Annual)
4. Illustration or Painting
**Rob Carter, “Convenience Euthanasia” (Dogs In Canada, April 2009)
Stanislawa Kodman, “Healing Water “(AKC Family Dog, July/Aug 2009)
Becca Williams, Diagrams pages 6-7 (French Bulldogs: The Basic Course, French Bulldog Club of America)
5. Illustration: series
**Bud Boccone, “Dog People” (AKC Gazette)
**Sylvia Nickerson, “By Our Side” (Dogs In Canada Annual)
Wendy Wahman, “Case Study” (AKC Family Dog)
6. Poster, Calendar or Special Publication
**Judy Leathers, Kathryn George, Kristina T. Marshall, Sincerely Your Friend, Albert Payson Terhune
Kent Dannen, Puppies 2010 Weekly Calendar (Browntrout Publishing)
Geanine Walker-Keith, A Tribute to Glen Twiford, Collie Club of America
Cynthia Moorhead, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America 2009 Calendar
Bernd Guenter, Bernese Mountain Dog 2010 Calendar (Petprints, Inc.)
7. Brochure, Pamphlet, Short Special Publication
**French Bulldogs: The Basic Course (French Bulldog Club of America)
Patricia S. Johnson, Prepared Pets In a Disaster (Chatham County Health Department)
Denise Flaim, Modern Molosser brochure (Modern Molosser)

1. Humorous art
Verne K. Foster, Dinghy and Friends (The Courier)
James Grebe, French Bulldogs: The Basic Course (booklet cartoons)
**Thomas Kimball, “The View From Planet Chihuahua” (Chihuahua Puppies, BowTie, Inc.)
Thomas Kimball, “Yikes! Yorkies!” (Yorkshire Terriers, BowTie, Inc.)
Wes Tyrell, “Dear Santa…” (Dogs In Canada, Dec 2008)
2. Humorous writing
Peter Gerstenzang, “Catch That Dog!” (Dog Fancy, Jan 2009)
**Diane Morgan, “Yikes! Yorkies!” (Yorkshire Terriers, BowTie, Inc.)
Diane Morgan, “The View From Planet Chihuahua” (Chihuahua Puppies, BowTie, Inc.)
Dianne Tyree, “Never Leave Home Without It” (AKC Gazette, June 2009)
3. Poetry
Lesléa Newman, “Mon Ami” (Nobody’s Mother, Orchard House Press)
**Teri Wilson, “Poem For a Lost Dog” (Celebrating Our Relationship with Our Dogs, New World Library)
Teri Wilson, “Beach Dog” (The Spaniel Diaries, spanieldiaries.blogspot.com)
4. Fiction: short
**Kirsten Marek, D.V.M., “Healing Water” (AKC Family Dog, July/Aug 2009)
Teri Wilson, “Chihuahuas Are Better Than Facelifts, Part 7: Prada Sees Stars” (chihuahuaconnection.com, Jan/Feb 2009)
Teri Wilson, “Chihuahuas Are Better Than Facelifts, Part 9: Prada Uncaged” (chihuahuaconnection.com, May/June 2009)

1. Videotape/CD/DVD
Clarissa and George Bergeman, Ready to Rally!
**Pamela Dennison, Training the Whistle Recall
Sue Sternberg, Mexico City Dogs of the Dump
2. Broadcast
Monica Collins, “Ask Dog Lady” (WCAP 980 AM)
Nancy Kay, D.V.M., “Speaking for Spot” (National Public Radio)
**Deborah Wolfe, “Dog Talk with Guest Darlene Arden” (Progressive Radio Network)
3. Podcast
Arden Moore, “Oh Behave: Baxter” (Pet Life Radio)
Arden Moore, “Oh Behave: Interview with Betty White” (Pet Life Radio)
**Deborah Wolfe, “Animal Party: Brainy Breeds with Dr. Stanley Coren” (Pet Life Radio)

1. Club: magazine format
Glen Radcliffe, Editor, The Saint Fancier (Saint Bernard Club of America)
**Terry Cardillino, Editor, The Courier (Portuguese Water Dog Club of America)
Sandi Lyon, Editor, Dirty Beards (American Bouvier des Flandres Club)
2. Club: newsletter format
Lyn W. Bingham, Editor, Komondor Komments (Komondor Club of America)
Mark Wamback, Editor, The Lakelander (United States Lakeland Terrier Club)
**Carol Rauch, Editor, NAWBA Journal (North American Working Bouvier Association)
Sheryl Bartel, Editor, The Newsletter (Greyhound Club of America)
3. Club: feature article
Stephen Humphrey, “A Few Thoughts About Dogs and Mortality” (Gordon Setter News, May 2009)
Peggy Swager, “Shy or Abused?” (True Grit, Jack Russell Terrier Club of America, Sept/Oct 2008)
**Peggy Swager, “A Matter of Misunderstanding” (True Grit, Jack Russell Terrier Club of America, Vol. 2, 2009)
Scott Thomsen, “Your First Litter” (The Newsletter: Greyhound Club of America, Spring 2009)
4. Club: editorial/opinion/essay
Frank Cardillino, “Boarding the Boat” (The Courier, Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, Jan/Feb 2009)
**Sheila Dolan, “From the Editor” (The Australian Shepherd Journal, United States Australian Shepherd Association, Sept 2008)
Anne Jones, “Training for the Triathlon” (The Ridgeback, Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States, Jan 2009)Mike Teeling, “In Memory of George Sexton” (The Ridgeback, Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States, Jan 2009)
5. Club: regular column
Tracey Brant, “Consider It” (The SENNtinel, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America )
Laurie Coger, D.V.M., “Vet Issues” (The Australian Shepherd Journal, United States Australian Shepherd Association)
Ann Hershey, “Tracking Field Notes” (Aussie Times, Australian Shepherd Club of America)
**Elizabeth M. Jarrell, “Just So” (Aussie Times, Australian Shepherd Club of America)
6. Club: subject related series
**Terry Cardillino, “We’ve Not Only Helped Our Own Dogs, We’ve Helped All Dogs” (The Courier, Portuguese Water Dog Club of America)
Kate Eldredge, “Rally” (The Australian Shepherd Journal, United States Australian Shepherd Association)
Nancy Kay, D.V.M., “Canine Patient Advocacy: Medical Decisions” (The Alpenhorn, Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America)

I. CLUB PUBLICATIONS: Regional or Local
1-2. Club: magazine or newsletter format (Categories combined due to the low entries)
Enid S. Lagree, Editor, Giant Hotline (South Central Giant Schnauzer Club)
**Cindy, Read, Editor, The Corgi Cryer (Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club)
Carolyn Grande, Editor, The Scottie Scuttlebutt (Rocky Mountain Scottish Terrier Club)
Kitty G. Jones, Editor, West LA News (West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club)
3. Club: feature article
Nancy Boyd, “Handling in the Group Ring” (The Corgi Cryer, Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club, Summer 2009)
**Judy Braginsky, “Best of Breed” (Tales of Lincolnwood, Lincolnwood Training Club for German Shepherd Dogs, Aug/Sept 2009)
Deborah Harper, “Selecting a Second ‘Cousin’” (The Corgi Cryer, Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club, Spring 2009)
**Judith Lewis, “Baby Got Spayed” (West LA News, West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club, May 2009)
4. Club: editorial/opinion/essay
Casey Cantrell, “President’s Message” (West LA News, West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club, June 2009)
**Nancy Lippman, “Remembering Raven” (West LA News, West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club, Sept 2008)
Jo Unbehaun, “The Positive Approach” (The Dawg Scoop, Dallas Agility Working Group, March 2009)
5. Club: regular column/subject related series (Combined due to limited entries)
Deb M. Eldredge, D.V.M., and Deb DeVona, “Herd, Seen, Go Find, Over and Finish” (The Corgi Cryer, Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club)
**Diana Kerew-Shaw, “Obedience News” (West LA News, West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club)
Florence Scarinci, “Doggone Good Books” (The Corgi Cryer, Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club)

1. Book: single breed
**Brian Patrick Duggan, Saluki: The Desert Hound and the English Travelers Who Brought It to the West (McFarland & Co.)
Patricia F. Lehman, The Miniature Pinscher: King of Toys (PFL Publications)
Susan Payne, The Chihuahua (BowTie Press)
Joan Hustace Walker, Barron’s Dog Bibles: Labrador Retrievers (Barrons)
2. Book: general interest
Darlene C. Niemeyer, Doggy Business 101 (TFH Publications)
**Liz Palika, Puppy Love (Howell/Wiley)
Robert Rodi, Dogged Pursuit (Hudson Street Press)
Jeff Schettler, Red Dog Rising (Alpine Publications)
3. Book: general reference
No entries
4. Book: care and health
**Sasha and Ashley Foster, The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog (Dogwise Publishing)
Nancy Kay, D.V.M., Speaking for Spot (Trafalgar Square Books)
Suzanne McKay & Noel Hynds, From Nose to Tail (Art Book Bindery)
5. Book: training and behavior
Gail Fisher, The Thinking Dog: Crossover to Clicker Training (Dogwise Publishing)
**Karen Pryor, Reaching the Animal Mind (Scribner/Simon & Schuster)
Mary Ray, Click & Train Your Dog (TFH Publications, Inc.)
Victoria Schade, Bonding with Your Dog (Wiley/Howell)
6. Book: fiction
Doranna Durgin, Scent of Danger (Worldwide Mystery/Five Star)
Christy Tillery French, Chasing Secrets (L & L Dreamspell)
**Alison Pace, City Dog (Berkley/Penguin)
7. Book: humor
No entries
8. Book: children
Kate Eldredge and Jacque Schultz, CPDT, ASPCA Kids: Amazing Pet Tricks (Wiley/Howell)
Nancy Furstinger and Dr. Sheryl L. Pipe, ASPCA Kids: Kids Making a Difference For Animals (Wiley/Howell)
**Liz Palika, and Dr. Katherine Miller, ASPCA KIDS: Animals At Work (Wiley/Howell)
9. Book: self published or print on demand
Catherine Conheim, Dollydog’s Kibble for Thought” A Feelings Workbook**Gayle Kaye, The Collie In America
Pamela Bauer Mueller, Aloha Crossing
Zoistory/Joy E. Windle, Forever Borzoi: More Tales of Adventure


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