Dr. Phil Zeltzman Honored At This Year’s Cat Writers’ Association Conference

Goodnewsforpet.com is proud to announce that our friend and featured veterinarian, Dr. Phil Zeltzman, was a recipient of the Hartz Everyday Chewable Vitamin Award at this year’s Cat Writers’ Association Conference for his newsletter titled “Tiny Beads Create a Big Revolution in Cancer Treatment.” The conference took place on November 19-21st in White Plains, NY where Dr. Zeltzman was honored along with other CWA Award winners at the annual awards banquet.

Dr. Zeltzman is a board certified veterinary surgeon at Valley Central Veterinary Referral Center in Whitehall, PA, in the Lehigh Valley. Beyond his work as a respected veterinary surgeon, Dr. Zeltzman is an author of articles and his weekly newsletter, which is featured on Goodnewsforpets.com. His love for animals is apparent in not only his work, but in his words. We at Goodnewsforpets are so proud of his most recent accomplishment and are honored to feature him on the site.

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