Dr. Mary Beth & The Pet Health Insurance Conversation

One of my very first experiences with AVMA leadership was with Dr. Mary Beth Leininger.  Now that she has joined the Hartville Group, she is ready to have the pet insurance conversation.   To quote Dr. Mary Beth,

“I’ve devoted much of my career to advocating issues that are paramount to the veterinary profession as a whole. I see pet insurance as an important concept for veterinarians to support because it helps lesson cost as a factor in treatment decisions, especially in these challenging economic times.”

To read more about Dr. Mary Beth’s appointment, click here. To contact Dr. Mary Beth directly, professional colleagues and media may contact her at DrMaryBeth@HartvilleGroup.com.

My first experience with pet insurance was with the legendary Dr. Jack Stephens. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting other pet insurance leaders through our prior work with Naphia.    Now it sounds like it is indeed time for a new conversation about pet insurance.  We will be listening.


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