Dr. Mary Beth Leininger presented with 2010 Russell Anthony Award for Outstanding Service

St. Louis— The American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) Political Action Committee presented Dr. Mary Beth Leininger with the 2010 Russell Anthony Award for her longstanding commitment to the organization’s PAC. The award was presented during the 2011 AVMA Annual Convention in St. Louis.

The Russell Anthony Award is given to an AVMA member who has worked to further the strength of the AVMAPAC and to advance issues important to veterinary medicine and the profession.

“”Dr. Leininger is an outstanding advocate for the profession and the advancement of the AVMAPAC,”” said Dr. Howard Moore, PAC policy board chairman and a veterinarian from Tucson, Ariz. “”The AVMAPAC greatly appreciates her continued leadership and support for the veterinary community, including her work in advancing the legislative agenda of the AVMA.””

“”I am honored to receive this award from the AVMAPAC. America’s veterinarians are the backbone of our nation’s animal and human health,”” Dr. Leininger said. “”Congress continues to discuss issues and pass laws that affect our profession. Veterinarians must continue to play an integral part in ensuring effective public policy is passed by our congressional leaders, and to do that AVMA must continue to have a strong PAC. Our contributions support the election of legislators who understand our profession’s needs.””

Dr. Leininger, an active member of the AVMAPAC for 22 years, is the longest contributing member, with her first contribution in 1985. Since 1985, 9,324 AVMA members have contributed to the AVMAPAC. Dr. Leininger was also a pioneer in the association as the AVMA’s first female president. Dr. Leininger has also served as director of professional affairs for Hill’s Pet Nutrition and as a member of the North American Veterinary Medical Education Consortium.

Previous winners of the Russell Anthony Award include:

1996 Russell H. Anthony
1997 John Melcher
1998 Richard B. Fink
1999 J. William Barnes
2000 George M. Peavy
2001 James E. Nave
2002 Mark H. Trueblood
2004 Michael Chaddock
2005 Larry Corry
2006 Richard Wilkes
2007 George Bishop


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