Dr. Larry R. Corry Launches Candidacy to Become 2008 President elect of the American Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Larry R. Corry launched his candidacy to become 2008 president-elect of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) during the AVMA Candidate’s Breakfast on July 13, 2007, at the association’s 144th annual convention in Washington, DC.

Dr. Corry, of Buford, Georgia, said that he would have two primary goals as the 2008 president-elect of the AVMA: to increase the applicant pool and the diversity of students at veterinary medical schools and also to improve the AVMA’s voice in state and federal legislation by increasing state and federal advocacy efforts.

“”We need to get students interested in veterinary medicine starting as early as fourth grade. An opportunity is to develop an outreach program with the veterinarians themselves to talk up veterinary medicine and encourage the students of the next generation to enter veterinary medicine,”” he said.

Dr. Corry said that he wants to improve the AVMA Government Relations Division (GRD) efforts by raising contributions to the AVMA Political Action Committee (PAC) to the million dollar mark by 2010.

Dr. Corry has served on the AVMAPAC Policy Board for four years, and was vice chair on the Executive Board in 2006-2007. He has owned five veterinary hospitals over the course of his career and currently owns two veterinary hospitals. Dr. Corry received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1966, and he was president of the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association in 1981.

Dr. Corry had many friends and family with him to support his candidacy to be the 2008 AVMA president-elect, including his wife, Carleen Kirby Corry; his children, Sandy, Tara, Randall and Geoffrey: and grandchildren, Rachel, Anna, Lily, and Savannah.


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