Dr. Jack Mara

One of the most recognizable names in the veterinary profession, Dr. John L. (Jack) Mara, has passed away. Jack lived the life of a true gentleman, served as one of the great ambassadors of the veterinary profession and remained a wonderful friend to many. Dr. Mara’s career as a veterinarian spans nearly 50 years, highlighted by 21 years with Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. A graduate of the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, Dr. Mara had a successful career in private practice in his native New York before joining Hill’s in 1979. While with the Topeka-based company, Dr Mara became the leading voice in advocating the importance of clinical nutrition to both the veterinary academic community and his practitioner colleagues.

Jack received his DVM from Cornell in 1951, and operated his own veterinary clinic in Huntington, New York for 28 years where he was active in many civic and political activities. He joined Hill’s in 1979 where, as Director of Veterinary Affairs, he played a vital role in increasing the knowledge and emphasis of nutrition in the veterinary profession, through his retirement from Hill’s on 12/31/2000. He was responsible for setting up many of the profession’s veterinary nutrition internships, residencies and professorships. Jack’s expertise and leadership played a major role in firmly establishing Hill’s Pet Nutrition as a source of accurate, reliable nutrition information for the veterinary profession and pet owners. In recognition of the critical role he played in developing the specialty of Veterinary Nutrition, he was made an Honorary Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition in 1994. This was just one of many awards he received from the veterinary profession over the years.

He was indeed one of the giants in our profession known to all as a passionate advocate for the veterinary profession, a consummate ambassador and diplomat, but most of all ” he will be remembered as a kind, caring, compassionate gentleman who was a true friend.

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