Q: How many species of mosquito are capable of transmitting heartworm?


Mosquitoes get a lot of attention during summer, but areas that maintain warmer temperatures year round have a higher risk for mosquito transmitted diseases. Recent current events such as the flooding in Louisiana and hurricane in Florida create concerns about standing water and the mosquito population.

species of mosquito transmitting heartworm double defenseAnswer: According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) more than 70 species of mosquitoes are capable of transmitting heartworm. Mosquito species capable of transmitting heartworms can be found in most geographical areas.

Source: Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC)

Protection and prevention from mosquitoes and vector-borne disease in dogs is a year-round concern. A new study from Dr. John McCall shows that blocking transmission from dogs to mosquitoes, and from mosquitoes to dogs, using repellents/insecticides and macrocyclic lactone preventives is part of a multi-modal approach. Phase 1 of the study showed the value of topical repellent insecticidal products in a “double defense” protocol for protecting dogs against the vector – the mosquito and use of a preventive against heartworm disease. Phase 2 of the study proved that Vectra® 3D, a topical parasiticide, plays a leading role in the double defense protocol by repelling and killing mosquitoes.

Learn more about the new Double Defense protocol here or at fightheartwormnow.com.



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