Dog Writers Win Awards

The Dog Writers Association of America was appropriately born ina back room at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in 1935. Itstarted with 30 editors and publishers. Today, members also includebroadcasters and online columnists, and total over 500 who maketheir living reporting about ‘man’s best friend.’
Each year, the organization rewards their own, as colleagues giveawards in various categories – it’s like our Academy Awards.

I always believed our awards are important, ever since I won myfirst for Best Book, back in 1973. Actually, I shared the award,but I couldn’t have been happier for that ‘atta boy.’ It was betterthan getting a liver treat.

What’s surprising to some is how well done the work is. Thesemagazine and newspapers stories, and books can be exceedingly verywell written, sometimes there’s great wisdom. I remember the oneguy who wrote a book about a specific breed, and more than 20 yearslater I still recall the line, “In nature there are no punishments- only consequences.” Now that is profound. We can all learn fromit – not only as dog owners but as people.

Here are this year’s winners of the Dog Writer Association ofAmerica Awards, held on February 10, just before the start ofWestminster.

Category I: Newspapers

A. Newspaper Column

Joan Lowell Smith, The Star Ledger

B. Single Feature or News Story

Sophia Yin, DVM, “Holiday Follies”, The San FranciscoChronicle

C. Newspaper Editorial, Opinion Piece, Essay
Sherry Carpenter “Scottish Terrier”, Sunbury Daily Item

Category II: Magazines And Canine Newspapers

A. Single Breed Magazine

Celebrating Greyhounds, Marcia Herman, The Greyhound Project

B. All Breed Magazine

Dogs in Canada, Allan Reznik, Dogs in Canada

C. Special Interest Dog or Animal Magazine

Off Lead, Therese Backowski, Barkleigh Productions, Inc.

D-1. Individual Feature Article in Single Breed Magazine

Cheryl Giebel, “Leptospirosis”, Celebrating Greyhounds

D-2. Individual Feature Article in All Breed Magazine

” Ranny Green, “Overcoming Cancer”, Dog World

D-3. Individual Feature Article in Special Interest Dog-RelatedMagazine

Joan Hustace Walker, “Nature or Nurture?”, Training YourPuppy

D-4. Individual Feature Article in Canine Newspaper orNewsletter

Jackie Lindsay, “Married”, Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

D-5. Individual Feature Article in Special InterestAll-Animal-Related Magazine

Betsy Sikora Siino, “Crossing the Line”, Animal Watch

D-6. Individual Feature Article in General InterestMagazine

Susan McCullough, “What Your Dog”, Family Circle

D-7. Individual feature article in a yearbook or specialpublication

Joan Hustace Walker, “Soulmate”, Puppies USA

E. Editorial/Opinion Piece/Essay

Leonard Reed, “First Betrayal”, Animal Watch

F. Subject-Related Series

Shawn Messonnier, DVM, “Alleviating Arthritis”, AKC Gazette

G-1. Regular Column in All Breed Magazine

Margaret Gibbs & Karen Pryor, “Behavior”, AKC Gazette

G-2. Regular Column in Special Interest Publication

Ed & Toni Eames, “Team Talk”, Off Lead

H. Yearbook/Educational Handbook/Manual/Special Volume

Greyhounds, Lisa Hanks, Popular Dogs

Category III: Club Publications

A-1. National Club Publication (Magazine Format)

The Courier, Terry Cardillino

A-2. National Club Publication (Newsletter Format)

The Fan Hitch, Sue Hamilton

B. Local Club Publication

Golden Tales, Rue Chagoll, editor, Golden Retriever Club ofCentral New York

C-1. Individual Article in National Club Publication

Kathryn Lanam, “Peak Performance” Dewclaw

C-2. Individual Article in Local Club Publication

Patti Conroy, “A Breeder’s Rescue”, Golden Tales

D. Subject Related Series or Regular Column

Tony Szczuka, “Funny Bone”, GSD Review

E. Yearbook, Educational Handbook, or Special Volume

American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation Annual Report

Category IV: Books

A. Single Breed

Lee Livingood, Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies, HungryMinds

B. Care and Health

Caroline D. Levin, Dogs, Diet and Disease, LanternPublications

C. Training and Behavior

Cis Frankel, Urban Dog, Willow Creek Press

D. General Reference

Fred Grayson & Chris Kingsley, The Portable,Howell Book House

E. General Interest

Paul Glassner, Cinderella Dogs, Kinship Communications

F. Fiction

Gail MacMillan, Biography of a Beagle, Borealis Press

G. Short Book Under 100 Pages

Ed Camelli & Mike Singer, What Labs Love, Howell BookHouse

H. Single Breed Pet Guide

Audrey Pavia, The Labrador Retriever Handbook, Barron’s

I. Children’s

Marty Crisp, Private Captain, Philomel

Category V: Graphic Arts, Short Fiction, Pamphlets, Poetry

A-1. Photography: Color, English Springer Spaniel, AKC Gazette

A-2. Photography: Black and White

Kent & Donna Dannen, Corgi, The Herdsman

B. Illustration

Chet Jezierski, Dogs Serving Mankind, AKC Gazette

C. Series/Essay of Photographs or Illustrations

Todd Buttenham, “Destination”, Dogs in Canada

D. Short Fiction

Carol Skolnick, “A Girl, Some Dogs”, AKC Gazette

E. Pamphlet

Barkleigh Productions GroomOgram

F. Poster/Calendar/Special Publication

American Kennel Club, Annual Report

G. Poetry

Lee Netzler, “The Sale”

Category VI: Non-Print Media

A. Videotape

American Kennel Club, “Safety Around Dogs”

B-1. Internet/Electronic Publishing (Individual FeatureArticle)

Caroline Coile, “Punish the Deed”

B-2. Internet/Electronic Publishing (Regular Column)

Jacque Lynn Schultz, “Breed ID”

C. Other: Including Radio, Television, Movies and More

Steve Dale, “Pet Central”

D. Online/Electronic Books

Ed Presnall, Component Training

Special Awards

The DWAA presented a special plaque in memory of Roger Caras tohis family.

The Elsworth S. Howell Award, sponsored by Howell Book House,for the best article on judging, exhibiting, dog-show reporting orany other aspect of conformation showing.
Capt. Arthur J. Haggerty, “Morris and Essex Redux”, GermanShepherd Review (April 2001)

The Eukanuba Canine Health Award, offered by the Iams Company,for the article or book that best promotes the health andwell-being of dogs.
Susan McCullough, “Putting a Leash on Health Care”, Dog World(April 2001)

The Akc Club Publication Excellence Award for the best articlein a national, regional or local club publication; magazine ornewsletter format.
Sandi Martin, “A Tribute to Olivia: My Forever Dog”

The Dwaa Junior Writer Award to writers under 18 years of age.The award recognizes and encourages young writers who exhibittalent, resourcefulness, dedication and integrity in their writingabout dogs and dog-related topics.
H. R. Hoerr, “My First Lure Trial”, in the Basenji Club ofAmerica, Inc. Bulletin (June 2001)

The Humane Issues Special Award, offered by the ASPCA, for thework which best illuminates one of the following aspects of theASPCA mission: pet overpopulation, humane education, shelteradoptions or the prevention of cruelty.
Paul Glassner, Cinderella Dogs

THe Veterinary Information Network Health Education Awardpresented to the single article entry that best educates andinforms the dog owning public about technical advances andinnovations in canine veterinary medicine.
Rhonda Hovan, “Perspectives: The Future of Dog Breeding”, GoldenRetriever News (May-June 2001)

The World Canine Freestyle Organization’s award for the bestprint, radio, television or internet coverage of caninefreestyle.
Jackie Loohauis, “Sit, Stay, Cha-cha-cha!”, The Milwaukee JournalSentinel (August 28, 2001)

The Merial Human-Animal Bond Award for the work which besthighlights the special bond between people and their treasuredpets.
Diane Jessup, The Dog Who Spoke to Gods, St. Martin’s Press,2001

The DogRead list award to the winner of the BEST BOOK.
Paul Glassner, Cinderella Dogs, Kinship Communications

Off Lead ‘s award to the author of the best trainingarticle.
Martin Delley, “Training Just an Ordinary Hunting Dog”, Off Lead(July/August 2001)

Newspaper Of The Year Award, offered by Heinz Nature’sRecipe.
Deborah Wood and The Oregonian

The Pedigree President’s Award for the best entry among theMaxwell winners.
Rue Chagoll, editor, Golden Tales, Golden Retriever Club ofCentral New York

The Communicator’s Award, offered by Wayne Cavanaugh, Presidentof the UKC, awarded to that individual who through excellence incommunication and conduct promotes the best interests of the sportof dogs.
Mary Bloom

© 2002 Dog Writers Association of AmericaInc. All rights reserved.

Mordecai Siegal is President Emeritus of the Dog WritersAssociation of America and the author of 32 published books aboutdogs and cats. His next book is “THE GOOD LIFE. Your Dog’s FirstYear.(Simon & Schuster)” He is available for speakingengagements. His web site address is To use his material posted, please email him at


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