Dog Writers Association of America 2000 Nominees

Note: Nominees are listed alphabetically; not in order of finishing. In most cases three nominees are listed; however, if a category was very large and the judges’ scores reflected the need, more nominees are listed. In cases of scoring ties, more nominees are listed. Winners are marked with an *.


Steve Dale “My Pet World” Tribune Media Services
*Sarah Ferrell “Devoted to Dogs” The Free Lance-Star newspaper
Patricia Rouse “Pet Law & Order” The Mecklenburg Times

Single Feature or News Story
*Sharon Barrett “Pet Projects” Chicago Tribune Magazine
Steve Dale “A True Miracle” Tribune Media Services
Steve Dale “Disaster and Dogs: Dangerous Duty” Tribune Media

*Sherry Carpenter “Pet Obituaries” Sunbury Daily Item
Sherry Carpenter “Sane or Insane?” Sunbury Daily Item
Steve Dale “Civil Charges in Canine Case” Tribune Media


Single Breed Magazine
*Celebrating Greyhounds, Cindy Hanson, editor
Double Helix Network News, C. A. Sharp, editor
Great Scots Magazine, Joseph Harvill, publisher

All Breed Magazine
*Dog World, Audrey Pavia, editor, Fancy Publications
Dog World, Beth Adelman, editor, Primedia Publications
Dogs in Canada, B. Marley, editor

Special-Interest Dog or All Animal Magazine
*ASPCA Animal Watch, Marion Lane, editor
Off Lead magazine, Therese Backowski, editor, Barkleigh
Your Dog, Betty Liddick, editor

Individual Feature Article in:

Single Breed magazine
Nona Kilgore Bauer “Behind These Walls” Just Labs
*Caroline Coile “Back to the Basics” Jack Russell Terriers
Susan McCullough “The Puppy Match Game” Labrador Retrievers
Susan McCullough “The Agility Breed” Shetland Sheepdogs
Joan Hustace Walker “Movers, Shakers, and Sniffers” Schauzers

All Breed magazine
Darlene Arden “Early Spay/Neuter” Dog World
Steve Dale “Comfort Dogs” Dog World
Captain Haggerty “Search & Rescue Dogs” Dogs in Canada
*Jan Mahood “Duty, Honor, Country” AKC Gazette
Kim Campbell Thornton “Top Tips for Puppy Proofing” Dog World

Special Interest Dog magazine
Eve Adamson “First Steps” Training for Obedience
Therese Backowski “Prison Reform” Barkleigh
Jim Hulbert and Jeanne Mortenson “The Eyes Have It” Just Terriers
*Sandra Murray “Kyra” Just Terriers
Kim Campbell Thornton “Advances in Training Methods” Training Your Puppy

Canine Newspaper/Newsletter
*Christy Caballero “Military Dogs Saved Lives” Dog Nose News
Holly Hein “The Dogs of the First Thanksgiving” Dog Nose News
Arden Moore “Growing Old Gracefully” Your Dog
Kim Transier “In Dog We Trust” Dog Nose News

Special Interest All Animal magazine
*Rikke Jorgensen “Homework” Our Animals
Christine Rosenblat “Academy Rewards” Our Animals
Tallahassee-Leon Community Animal Shelter “The A.D.O.P.T.” American Trainer Magazine

General Interest magazine
Steve Dale “Emotional Rescues” USA Weekend
Steve Dale “The Sick Sense” USA Weekend
*Margaret Littman “Pet Emergencies” Woman’s Day

Yearbook or Annual
*Margaret Bonham “Countdown Puppy!” Puppies USA
Dr. Jan Grebe “Frenchies Are Not Fat Whippets” The French Bulldog International Annual
Audrey Pavia “The Dog for You?” Puppies USA

Beth Adelman “Danger du Jour” Dog World
*Rick Bass “Homer, the Earth Diver” AKC Gazette
George Berger “Rosie” AKC Gazette
Elise Paffrath “Letting the Heart Lead” Dog & Handler
Audrey Pavia “Zero Tolerance” Dog World

Subject Related Series
George Berger “The 2002 AKC Gazette Judges Forum” AKC Gazette
Deb Eldredge, DVM “One Gland to Rule Them All” Dogs in Review
*Erin Rouse and Pat Hastings “Dog Shows 101” Dog Nose News
Jeanne Mortenson, Jim Hulbert and Fran Smith “Birds, Bees, Dogs, Bitches” Just Terriers

Regular Column
*Janet Atkinson “Your Dog and the Law” Dogs in Canada
Kerrin Winter Churchill “Performance” AKC Gazette
John Hilton “Nutrition” Dogs in Canada
Todd Mercer “Dogs at Work” Dogs in Canada
James B. Spencer “Retrieve” Gun Dog magazine

Yearbook, Educational Handbook, Manual or Special Volume
AKC Gazette “They Make Our Lives Whole” Special Issue George Berger Editor
*Dogs in Canada Annual Allan Reznik Editor in Chief
Puppies USA Lisa Hanks Editor

Club Publications

National Club Publications

Magazine Format
*The Courier, Terry Cardillino, Editor, Portuguese Water Dog Club of America
German Shepherd Dog Review, Gail Sprock, Editor, German Shepherd Dog Club of America
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Newsletter, Marian Your, Editor, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America

Newsletter Format
APDT Newsletter, Terry Long, Editor, APDT
*Toller Talk, Debbie Unger, Editor, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada
Rescue Roundup, Deborah Abeles, Editor, ABRL

Local Club Publications
The Cavalier, Marilyn M. Bailey
*The Corgi Cryer, Sally W. Cooper
Golden Tales, Deborah L. Orwig, Rescue A Golden of Arizona

Individual Article in:

National Club publication
*Rue Chagoll “The Goldens at Ground Zero” Golden Retriever News
Kathryn Monroe “What Will You Do, Little Dog?” The Courier
C.A. Sharp “The Rising Storm” Aussie Times

Local Club publication
*Tom Beckett, DVM “The Dangers of Demodex” Pyr Tales
Julie Cairns “Don’t Suffer ‘Till Next Year” Golden Tales
Cheryl Silver “Hank Has Fanconi” The Rip Van Winkler

Subject Related Series or Regular Column
Annette Cochrane “Tracking” Australian Shepherd Journal
*Joan B. Guertin “Corgis in the Limelight” Pembroke Welsh Corgi Newsletter
Phil Holden “I am, afterall, British” Chow Life
Sue Sternberg “Gimme Shelter” APDT Newsletter

Yearbook, Educational Handbook, Manual, Breed Book or Special Volume
*Canine Companions for Independence “Annual Report 2001”
Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. “Yearbook” Marianne Foote, Editor
“Pembroke Welsh Corgis in America 2001” Sandra Wolfskill, Editor and Donna Francis, Assistant Editor


Single Breed

*Marsha Hall Brown
“The Essence of Setters”
Doral Publishing


Pat Hill Goodrich
“The Savvy Samoyed”
Doral Publishing
Diane Morgan
“The Poodle”
Doral Publishing

Care and Health


*Richard G. Beauchamp
“Breeding Dogs forDummies”
Hungry Minds


Diane Morgan
“Feeding Your Dog for Life”
Doral Publishing


Amy D. Shojai
“Pet Care in the New Century”
NewAmerican Library

Training and Behavior

*Jean Donaldson
Kinship Communications


Susan McCullough
“Housetraining for Dummies”
Hungry Minds


Cheryl S. Smith
“Quick Clicks”
Legacy By Mail

General Reference

*Sheila Webster Boneham, Ph.D.
“The CompleteIdiot’s Guide to Getting & Owning a Dog”
Alpha Books
Carole L. Richards and A. Meredith John
“Raising a Champion”
The Well Trained Dog Publishing
Judge William J. Wynn
“It’s the Law!”
Doral Publishing

General Interest

Margaret Bonham
“The Simple Guide to Getting Active with Your Dog”



Janice Mitchell
“The Diary of Lucy Blue”

Epic Press
*Jennifer Quasha
“The Dog Lover’s Book of Crafts”

St. Martin’s Press
Deborah Wood
“Top Dogs: Making It to Westminster”

Howell Book House


*Susan Conant
“The Wicked Flea”

Arlie Alford Toye
“Minga, A Love Story”
ARDesign, Inc.
Dr. Louis Vine
“Voices of the Dogs at Westminster”

1st Books Library

Short Book Under 100 pages

*Cheryl S. Smith
“Teaching Tricks”
Harcourt Learning Direct
Cheryl S. Smith
“Competition Obedience”
Harcourt Learning Direct
Kim Campbell Thornton
“Simple Solutions: Digging”

Single Breed Pet Guide

*Susan Bulanda
Barrons Educational Series


*W.L. Cowie
“We Adopted A Greyhound”

Hawaiian Publishing


Loren Spiotta-DiMare
<spanstyle=’font-size:10.0pt;font-family:”Times New Roman”‘> and The New Puppy”
TownBook Press


Teresa Levandoski
“Greyhound Love”
GreyhoundLove Publications

Graphic Arts, Poetry, Short Fiction and Pamphlets


Jeff Chevrier “Irish Red and White Setter” Dogs in Canada
*Lisa Croft-Elliot “See Me” Canine Chronicle “Merlin’s Reflection” Canine Chronicle
Connie McCabe “Puppy with Flag” Hearts of Gold 2003

Black and White
*Therese Backowski “Bunny Proofing” Barkleigh
Alex Sharpe “Waiting in the Window” Golden Tales

*Chet Jezierski “Front Cover” Bearded Collie – The Illustrated Breed Standard
Marion Needham Krupp “Trying to Understand” Great Scots
Arlie Alford Toye “To the East” ARDesign, Inc.

Series/Essay of Photographs or Illustrations
W. L. Cowie “We Adopted a Greyhound”
*Chet Jezierski “Bearded Collie – The Illustrated Breed Standard”
Alice Su “What’s My Dog Saying?” Dog Fancy

Short Fiction
*Tempa Lautze “Iron Mask” AKC Gazette
Sharon M. Pflaumer “A Four Legged Kind of Medicine” Collie Connection

*AKC Canine Health Foundation “Search & Rescue Dog Health Fund”
Ed Presnall “An Introduction to Variable Surface Tracking”
Joseph Rachunas “Breed Disqualifications”

Poster, Calendar, or Special Publication
*Clean Run Productions “Dog Agility 2003 Calendar”
AKC Gazette “Lend Me a Paw 2002 Calendar”
Pam Tanzey “Awards Certificates”

*Rebecca A. Kane “Lessons From a Dog” AKC Gazette
Lee Netzler “Two Seniors” Great Scots magazine
Lee Netzler “The Chase” The Bagpiper

Non-Print Media

Douglas Calhoun “Grooming the Jack Russell Terrier” Canine Training Systems
Rachel Page Elliott “Canine Cineradiography”
*Kerry Siekmann “Love on a Leash”

Internet/Electronic Media

Individual Feature Article
Laurie Leach “The Truth About Dog Sports – Agility”
*Sophia Yin, DVM “Dr Yin’s Fat Farm”
Sophia Yin, DVM “Dr Yin’s Noisy Dog Cure”

Regular Column
Robyn Fritz “Reflections from Murphy”
*Laurie Leach “The Truth About Dog Breeds”
Jacque Lynn Schultz “Breed Identification Expert”

Other (Broadcast Journalism, etc.)
The Pet Files “Ugly Dogs”
The Pet Files “Doggy Dating”
*Steve Dale “Show #22”



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