(New York, N.Y. March 24, 2000) – The non-profit Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA), an organization dedicated to promoting the interests of dogs through news and informational channels, is pleased to announce the winners of the 1999 DWAA Annual Writing Contest for writers, photographers, editors and publishers.

The awards, which were announced February 13, 2000 as tradition entails, the night before the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, is the highlight of the year for DWAA members, who represent some of the country’s best know and most widely read writers about pets.

The annual competition is meant to encourage quality writing about all aspects of dog companionship plus the dog sport. More than 250 writers, editors, photographers, and others gathered for the awards banquet to celebrate the 60 winners across six broad categories, as well as a special awards category sponsored by corporate and individual sponsors.

DWAA received 850 total entries to this year’s competition.

“DWAA’s annual writing contest is definitely the most important event of the year to our members,” said Mordecai Siegal, best-selling author and president of DWAA. “The winners are clearly the top talents in the writing, editing and publishing world producing dog publications, and to be singled out as a winner among this immense competition is truly an honor.”

Articles published between September 1, 1999 and August 31, 2000 are eligible to be entered in next year’s DWAA Annual Writing Contest, with a submission deadline the first week of September, 2000. For more information about DWAA or the contest, visit the DWAA web site at This year’s winners list include:

1999 DWAA Writing Competition Winners


  • A-1. Newspaper Column (more than 150,000 circulation)
    “My Pet World” (Tribune Media Services), Steve Dale
  • A-2. Newspaper Column (less than 150,000 circulation
    “Animal House” (Times Record News), Jo Ann Davis
  • B-1. Single Feature or News Story (more than 150,000 circulation)
    “Dedicated English Nurse” (Seattle Times), Ranny Green
    “Down, Boy!” (Star-Ledger), Joan Lowell Smith
  • B-2. Single Feature or News Story (less than 150,000 circulation)
    “It’s a Dog’s World: Everything I Know I Learned in Puppy Kindergarten”
    (Telegram & Gazette), Pamela H. Sacks
  • C-1. Newspaper Editorial, Opinion Piece, Essay (more than 150,000 circulation)
    “Cleveland Amory” (Seattle Times), Ranny Green
  • C-2. Newspaper Editorial, Opinion Piece, Essay (less than 150,000 circulation)
    “Dog” (The Bay Breeze), Ann Calhoun


  • A. Single Breed Magazine
    The French Bullytin, Arlie Toye and Kathy Dannel
  • B. All Breed Magazine
    AKC Gazette
    Dog Fancy
  • C. Special Interest Dog-Related Magazine
    AKC Afield, Dean Keppler
  • D. Canine Newspaper or Newsletter
    Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, Jackie Lindsay
  • E. Special Interest All-Animal-Related Magazine
    Our Animals (San Francisco SPCA), Paul Glassner
    Pets: Part of the Family, Mark Bricklin and Kathleen Moser
  • F-1. Individual Feature Article in Single Breed Magazine
    “The Scoop on Poop” (Great Scots Magazine), Joseph Harvill
  • F-2. Individual Feature Article in All Breed Magazine
    “‘Bad Dogs’ Beware” (Dog Fancy), Arden Patricia Moore
  • F-3. Individual Feature Article in Special Interest Dog-Related Magazine
    “Developing a Stud Dog for Successful Breeding” (Today’s Breeder), Charlie Powell
  • F-4. Individual Feature Article in Canine Newspaper or Newsletter
    “Tranquility Now” (Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!), Jackie Lindsay
  • F-5. Individual Feature Article in Special Interest All-Animal-Related Magazine
    “The Changing Face of Sheltering” (Animal Sheltering), Nancy Lawson
  • F-6. Individual Feature Article in General Interest Magazine
    “Wilbo!” (Green Prints), Martine Caselli
  • F-7. Individual feature article in a yearbook or special publication
    “Klondike Dogs” (1999 Dogs Annual), Nancy Bennett
  • G. Editorial/Opinion Piece/Essay
    “From the Mebane Couch” (Celebrating Greyhounds), Jordan A. Mebane
  • H. Subject-Related Series
    “Special Care for Aging Dogs” Series (Dog World), John Cargill, Susan Thorpe-Vargas, Joel M. McMains
  • I-1. Regular Column in All Breed Magazine
    “Behaviour” (Dogs in Canada), Pamela J. Reid, Ph.D.
  • I-2. Regular Column in Special Interest Publication
    “Purebred” (Veterinary Technician Magazine), Darlene Arden
  • J. Yearbook/Educational Handbook/Manual/Special Volume
    Puppy Guide ’99 (Dog World), Kim Dearth


  • A-1. National Club Publication (Magazine Format)
    The Spotter, Elaine Gewirtz, Paula Olcott, Kathy Szomoru
  • A-2. National Club Publication (Newsletter Format)
    Forward (NADOI), Val Ellingson
  • B-1. Local Club Publication (Magazine Format)
    Pyr Tales, Darrell Goolsbee
  • B-2. Local Club Publication (Newsletter Format)
    Offtrack Greyhound (Greyhound Pets of America), Gael Katz and Suzan
  • C-1. Individual Article in National Club Publication
    “Ben, My Courage and My Friend” (German Shepherd Dog Review), Karen Shirk
  • C-2. Individual Article in Local Club Publication
    “Erlichiosis” (The Corgi Cryer), Deborah S. Harper
  • D. Subject Related Series or Regular Column
    “Black and Red” (German Shepherd Dog Review), Barbara Lee Williams
  • E. Yearbook/Educational Handbook/Manual/Breed Book/Special Volume
    A Study of the Scottish Terrier (Scottish Terrier Club of America), C. Michael Cook


  • A. Single Breed
    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jack Russell Terriers (Howell Book House), Deborah Britt-Hay
  • B. Care and Health
    The Veterinarians’ Guide to Your Dog’s Symptoms (Villard), Elizabeth Randolph
  • C. Training and Behavior
    Purely Positive Training: Companion to Competition (Podium Publications), Sheila Booth
  • D. General Reference
    Breed Rescue: How to Start and Run a Successful Program (Alpine
    Publications, Inc.), Sheila Boneham
  • E. General Interest
    Labrador Tales: A Celebration of America’s Favorite Dog (LABMED, Inc.), John Arrington and Walt Zientek
  • F. Fiction
    Evil Breeding (Doubleday), Susan Conant
  • G. Short Book Under 100 Pages
    Cairn Terriers: A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual (Barron’s), Patricia F. Lehman
  • H. Single Breed Pet Guide
    A New Owner’s Guide to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (TFH Publications), Meredith Johnson-Snyder
  • I. Children’s
    Ratzo (Rising Moon), Marty Crisp


  • A-1. Photography: Color
    “German Shorthaired Pointers: Adult and Puppy” (Dogs in Canada), Jeff Chevrier
  • A-2. Photography: Black and White
    “Flat-Coated Retriever” (AKC Afield), Judith Strom
  • B. Illustration
    Dreamers (Poster) Susan Kamen-Marsicano
  • C. Series/Essay of Photographs or Illustrations
    “A Drop-Dead Drop Coat” (AKC Gazette), Chet Jezierski
  • D. Short Fiction
    “When Hobos Have Reasons” (AKC Gazette), Loretta Kemsley
  • E. Pamphlet
    The Veterinarian’s Role in Maintaining the Health and Well-Being of
    Assistance Dogs, Ed & Toni Eames
  • F. Poster/Calendar/Special Publication
    Dreamers (Poster), Susan Kamen-Marsicano and Eunice Ockerman
  • G. Poetry
    “A Dandy Doggy Dilemma” (Coping), Brian Dovenell


  • A. Videotape
    Click & Go (Canine Training Systems), Susan Barwig
  • B-1. Internet/Electronic Publishing (Individual Feature Article)
    “Behind Closed Doors” (, Lexiann E. Grant-Snider
  • B-1. Internet/Electronic Publishing (Regular Column)
    “Lexi’s Corner,” (, Lexiann Grant-Snider
  • C. Other (Broadcast Journalism, audiotapes)
    Pet Central, Steve Dale
  • D. Online/Electronic Books
    The Clumber Spaniel Handbook, Ed Presnall


  • The AKC Club Publication Excellence Award
    Gail Sprock, “War Dogs: America’s Forgotten Heroes,” German Shepherd Dog Review
  • The ASPCA Pet Overpopulation Answers Award
    Peggy Moran, “Shelter Dog Training Programs Make Adoption a Real Option,” Dog World
  • The Nature’s Recipe Newspaperman/Woman of the Year Award
    Steve Dale, Tribune Media Services
  • The Elsworth S. Howell Award
    Kim Campbell Thornton, “A Super Family,” AKC Gazette
  • The Eukanuba Canine Health Award
    John Cargill & Susan Thorpe-Vargas, “Veterinary Acupuncture: Reaching the Point of Acceptance,” Dog World
  • The Veterinary Information Network Health Education Award
    Deborah Wood, “Restoring Healthy Hearts in Pets,” The Oregonian
  • The DWAA Junior Writer Award
    Jordan Mebane, “From the Mebane Couch,” Celebrating Greyhounds
  • The DWAA Secretary’s Award
    The Scottish Terrier Club of America, “A Study of the Scottish Terrier”
  • The DWAA President’s Award
    Loretta Kemsley, “When Hobos Have Reasons,” AKC Gazette
  • The DWAA Distinguished Service (Communicator’s) Award
    Gerri Cadiz, Ilio
  • Special Tribute from DWAA, honoring Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts



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