Dog Writers Association of America 2004 Writing Competition Winners


  1. NEWSPAPER: FEATURE OR NEWS STORY * Deborah Wood, Aggression Suppression (The Oregonian)
  2. NEWPAPER: COLUMN * Sophia Yin, DVM, Pet Tales (San Francisco Chronicle)
  3. NEWSPAPER: EDITORIAL/OPINION/ESSAY * Sherry Carpenter, Courts Take Up Value (Sunbury Daily Item)
  5. MAGAZINE: SINGLE BREED * Basset Hounds (Popular Dogs)
  8. MAGAZINE: FEATURE IN ALL BREED MAGAZINE: * Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia, I hereby Declare (Canine Chronicle)
  9. MAGAZINE: FEATURE IN A SINGLE BREED MAGAZINE: * Diane Morgan, Discover the Jewel (Lhasa Apso)
  10. MAGAZINE: FEATURE IN SPECIAL INTEREST MAGAZINE: * D. Caroline Coile, Puppy Safety Quiz (Healthy Puppy)
  11. MAGAZINE: FEATURE IN ALL ANIMAL MAGAZINE: * Jacque Lynn Schultz, Shaping Up Shelter Dogs (Animal Watch)
  12. MAGAZINE: FEATURE IN GENERAL INTEREST MAGAZINE * Beth Ann Amico, Picking the Perfect Puppy (Woman’s Outlook)
  13. MAGAZINE FEATUE IN CANINE NEWSPAPER OR NEWSLETTER * Phyllis DeGioia, Advances in Anesthesia (Your Dog)
  14. MAGAZINE: FEATURE IN ANNUAL PUBLICATION OR OTHER * Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz, Read the Puppy fine Print (Puppies USA)
  15. MAGAZINE: EDITORIAL/OPINION/ESSAY * Michael Rosen, Slumber Sweet (AKC Family Dog)
  16. MAGAZINE: REGULAR COLUMN * Jean Donaldson, Behaviour (Dogs in Canada)
  17. MAGAZINE: SUBJECT RELATED SERIES * Jodi Anderson, Problem Solver (AKC Family Dog)
  18. INTERNET: FEATURE ARTICLE * Kip Kirby, Agility Dogs on the Road (Agility Action Online)
  19. INTERNET: REGULAR COLUMN * Laurie Leach, Agility Action (Agility Action)
  20. SHORT FICTION * Emelise Baughman, The Healer (IG times)
  21. POETRY * Lee Netzler, Twin Bedding (The Scotsman)
  22. HUMOR: SHORT STORY OR HUMOROUS TEXT * E. M. Harrington, Rex in the City (Bark)
  23. HUMOROUS ART * Darby Conley, Get Fuzzy (United Feature Syndicate)
  24. PHOTOGRAPHY: COLOR * Trina Koster, Bulldog (Dogs in Canada)
  25. PHOTOGRAPHY: BLACK AND WHITE * Laura Bostwick, Spanky and Patee (The French Bullytin)
  26. PHOTOGRAPHY: SERIES * Chet Jezierski, Crème de la Coco (2004 D Annual)
  27. ILLUSTRATION OR PAINTING: * Jane Du Bose, Biba Says (The French Bullytin)
  28. ILLUSTRATION: SERIES * Phil Lang, IGs in Action (IG Times)
  29. POSTER OR SPECIAL PUBLICATION * American Kennel Club Annual Report
  30. CALENDAR * Jane Harding, Portuguese Water Dog 2004 Calendar (PWDC)
  31. VIDOTAPE/CD/DVD * Virginia Broitman and Sherri Lippman, The How of Bow Wow (Take a Bow Wow)
  32. BROADCAST JOURNALISM * Steve Dale, Pet Central
  35. NATIONAL OR INTERNATIONAL CLUB: MAGAZINE: FEATURE * Sue Jeffries, TDX GSD Finds Lost Australian Shepherd (GSD Review) AND Fern and Charlie Quirmbach, Judith Ecklund, and Lorraine Brewer: Sled Dog Racing with GSDS (GSD Review)
  36. NATIONAL OR INTERNATIONAL CLUB: NEWSLETTER : FEATURE * Stephanie Jackson, Reducing Bark Charge Behavior (Pap Talk)
  37. NATIONAL OR INTERNATIONAL CLUB: REGULAR COLUMN * Meredith Lunn, Behavior (Australian Shepherd Journal)
  38. NATIONAL OR INTERNATION CLUB: SUBJECT RELATED SERIES * Annette Cochran, Training a Solid Article Indication (AS Journal)
  40. REGIONAL OR LOCAL CLUB: FEATURE ARTICLE * Curt Harler, In a Cavern, In a Canyon (Golden Tales)
  41. REGIONAL OR LOCAL CLUB: REGULAR COLUMN * Kate Eldredge, Korgi Kids (Corgi Cryer)
  42. REGIONAL OR LOCAL CLUB: SUBJECT RELATED SERIES * Deborah Harper, Breeder’s Forum (Corgi Cryer)
  43. BOOK: SINGLE BREED * Gayle Kaye A Century of Collies (Collie Expressions Magazine)
  44. BOOK: SINGLE BREED PET GUIDE * Kim Thornton The Everything Labrador Retriever Book (Adams Media)
  45. BOOK: GENERAL INTEREST * Claudia Kawcaynska, Dog is My Copilot (Crown/Random House)
  46. BOOK: GENERAL REFERENCE * Robert Cole, An Eye for a Dog (DogWise)
  47. BOOK: CARE AND HEALTH * Susan McCullough, Senior Dogs for Dummies (Wiley)
  48. BOOK TRAINIG AND BEHAVIOR * Cheryl Smith, The Rosetta Bone (Howell)
  49. BOOK: FICTION * Martin Greenberg and Alexander Potter, Sirius (DAW Books)
  50. BOOK: HUMOR * Chaz Chapman and Stacy Curtis, You Know Your Dog Owns You If (Bow Tie Press)
  51. BOOK: CHILDREN’S * Bail Langer Karwoski, Quake! (Peachtree Pubs)
  52. BOOK UNDER 100 PAGES * Christine Davis, For Every Dog an Angel (Lighthearted Press)

Special Winners

The American Kennel Club is offering the AKC RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERSHIP PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD for the newspaper or magazine regular column writer who consistently uses his/her public platform to educate pet owners about responsible dog ownership. The award consists of a plaque and a $1,000 cash grant.

Sarah Ferrell

The American Kennel Club is offering the AKC CLUB PUBLICATION EXCELLENCE AWARD for the best article in a national, regional, or local club publication, magazine or newsletter format. The award consists of a plaque and a $250 cash grant.

September Morn “”Motivating Dogs Who Don’t Want Nothin'”” (Chuckanut Companion)

The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation is offering the AKC CHF RESEARCH COMMUNCATION AWARD for the work that best informs the public about canine health research. All media and lengths are eligible. Entries will be judged for clarity and interpretation of complex science and its terminology, making research principles and products understandable and immediately accessible to dog owners and breeders. The award consists of a plaque and $1,000 cash.

Nancy Peterson “”Dogs Get Ulcers, too”” (Your Dog)

The ASPCA is offering the HUMANE ISSUES SPECIAL AWARD for the work that best illuminates one of the following aspects of the ASPCA mission: pet overpopulation, humane education, shelter adoptions, or the prevention of cruelty. All media are eligible for this award, but preference will be given to a substantive entry that exhibits the highest level of professionalism in its execution. The award consists of a plaque and a $500 cash grant.

Tom Eldredge, “”Baloo’s HT”” (AKC Jr News)

The Iams Company is offering the EUKANUBA CANINE HEALTH AWARD for the article or book that best promotes the health and well-being of dogs. Entries will be judged for accuracy, clear writing, and the representation of a fresh view of canine health (i.e., nutrition, veterinary care, etc.). The ward consists of a plaque and a $750 cash grant.

Rhonda Hovan, “”Preventive Health Care through Risk Management”” (Golden Retriever News)

Howell Book House is sponsoring the Elsworth S. Howell Award for the best article on judging, exhibiting, dog-show reporting or any other aspect of conformation showing. The award consists of a certificate and a $500 cash grant.

Amy Fernandez “”What Makes a Xolo?”” (The Xolo News)

The HSUS COMPASSIONATE CARE AWARD is offered for the best print, audio, or video work focusing on the humane treatment of dogs, particularly those in animal shelters, animal rescue, animal rehabilitation, or individual family settings. The winner will receive a $500 cash award and a plaque.

Diane Leigh, Marilee Geyer “”One Day at a Time”” (No Voice Unheard)

Merial is sponsoring the MERIAL HUMAN-ANIMAL BOND AWARD for the work that best highlights the special bond between people and their treasured pets. The winning work should be an exceptional entry that highlights the unique relationship between a dog and its owner, and best brings to life the concept of the human-animal bond. The coveted award consists of a $500 cash grant, plus $250 toward an airline ticket to accept the award.

Patti Sherlock “”Letters from Wolfie”” (Viking Children’s Books)

Off Lead offers $300 and a plaque to the author of the best training article.

Barbara McNinch “”Seize the Moments”” (Puppy Gazette)

Pet Sitters International offers the PSI FIRST-CANINE AWARD, presented to the best humorous feature story or article written from the perspective of a dog. The winning entry will receive a certificate, plaque, and a $150 cash grant.

Margaret Bonham “”The Ultimate Weapon”” (Yard Dog Press)

Radio Systems is offering a $1,500 award for the best training publication in book or other bound form. The company will also provide up to $500 toward the winner’s travel expenses and will offer the winner’s book for sale at its pet spa, Petsafe Village.

Cheryl Smith “”The Rosetta Bone”” (Howell)

WCFO, Inc. is awarding the “”2004 WCFO Excellence in Canine Freestyle Media”” award plaque and $150 check to the work showing off the sport of canine freestyle.

Mary Simpson “”Greyhound, Come Dance With Me”” Celebrating Greyhounds

The Bob Cole Award for Educational Writing. The Ottawa Kennel Club offers this award in memory of Mr. Robert Cole, long time Dog Judge and writer of books and articles on structure and movement as well as the fine points of breed type. The award will be presented annually for the best article in a magazine or newspaper which illustrates either the fine points of a particular breed or illustrates particular aspects of structure or movement in dogs that is intended to inform or educate the public or dog breeders. This award consists of a certificate and a $350 cash prize.

Dr. Vandra Huber, PhD “”How Do We Measure Up”” (The Bagpiper)

DogWise is offering $350 to the author of the best book. The winner will be chosen from the winners of all the book categories.

Claudia Kawczynska “”Dog is My Co-Pilot”” (Crown/Random House)

The Pro Plan President’s Award. Pro Plan will supply a $750 prize and a bowl with the winner’s name engraved on it. This is the Best In Show chosen from all of the winners of the individual categories.

Cheryl S. Smith, The Rosetta Bone

*The American Kennel Club offers the DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD for extraordinary achievement and communications excellence, recognizing the person who, by word, deed, exemplary conduct, public communication and professional excellence, promotes the best interest of the sport of dogs. The award consists of a plaque and a $500 cash grant.

Liz Palika



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