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Welcome from DWAA President Ranny Green

The Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) has a long,diverse, and illustrious history. Starting in 1935, a handful ofpeople, with a common interest in dogs, put pen to paper or poundedout their messages on poky, cantankerous, manual typewriters. Now,our nearly 600 members sit in front of monitors and, with a clickof the mouse, send our query, article or even entire book to aneditor. A few of us may stick to our “antique” electrictypewriters, but, by and large, most people who sweat genius inblood now do it over a keyboard.

We have members all over the world who specialize in fiction,non-fiction articles, columns, newspaper reporting, books, radioand television media, photography or illustrating. Our members arejudges, exhibitors, enthusiasts, veterinarians, freelancers,editors or publishers. Most of us have a dog or three (andsometimes a cat) curled around our feet as we write.

The DWAA website ( is at our fingertips to remind usof our annual contest or other helpful information. Our newsletter,The Write Dog, shares the agonies and ecstasies of the canineliterary world. The annual contest is open to anyone who writesabout dogs, whether for the fancy or for mainstream readers. DWAAis a co-sponsor of the CWA/DWAA writing seminars held each year atthe Cat Writers’ Association (CWA) conference, and many dog writersare also members of CWA. Our annual meeting and banquet — held inconjunction with the Westminster Kennel Club show in New York City– and the writing seminars provide us with sources to meet, greet,query, network, research and congratulate.

If interested in writing about dogs, or learning about them,please check out our website or contact one of us.

Ranny Green
DWAA President


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