The Dog Writers Association of America Announces Contest Nominees


Writers compete for Maxwell Medallions and $14,000 in prizes

Today the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) announced the nominees for its 2017 Writing Competition, which recognizes outstanding work about dogs.

“With the caliber of work submitted, being nominated truly is an honor,” said Su Ewing, DWAA’s contest chair. “This is such an exciting way to recognize work that strengthens and celebrates the human-canine bond.”

The finalists in regular categories are:

dog writers maxwell medallion dwaaA. NEWSPAPER ARTICLES AND COLUMNS

  1. Article – Health or General Care

One Health Day (part 1 & part 2) by Joanne Anderson

Laser Cats – And Dogs by Jen Reeder

  1. Article – Behavior or Training

The Biology Behind Canine Comforting by Joanne Anderson

A Different Kind of Ministry by Florence Scarinci

  1. Article – Rescue

Nina the Miracle Dog by Joanne Anderson

Purebred Shelter Dog Perfect by Joanne Anderson

HFGD Junior Ambassadors: Dog Rescue’s Next Generation by Pam Gleason

  1. Article – Art or Any Other Topic

Seeing a Man About A Dog by James Colasanti, Jr.

Laws for Paws: How to Help Be a Voice for the Voiceless by Patti Lawson

Creature Comforts by Jen Reeder


  1. Single, Related, or All-Breed

Just Labs

Sighthound Review

AKC Family Dog

Terrier Group


  1. Article – Health or General Care

Canine Influenza by Caroline Coile

Happy Lab by Jillian LaCross

AKC Reunite Helps Lost Pets Find Their Way Home by Sharon Pflaumer

Repair Surgery Among Latest Treatments for MVD by Kim Campbell Thornton

  1. Article – Behavior or Training

Hound Anxiety by Mara Bovsun

Eager to Please? By Tracy Krulik

Raising Angels by Kathy Santo

Your Dog Can Be Anxiety Free by Kim Campbell Thornton

  1. Article – Rescue

Flames and Dogs by Marco Adda

A Sense of Security by Mary Helen Berg

How to Be the Best (Foster) Home Possible by Jill Breitner

One Last Glance by Nancy Gallimore

Beyond the Track by Devon Hubbard Sorlie

  1. Article – Breed

Goldens Rule! By Mara Bovsun

Understanding the Sloughi by Dr. Marie-Dominique de Caprona

Good Dogs! By Jen Reeder

Liberating Labs by Jen Reeder

Taigan: Sighthound of Kyrgystan by Jutta Rubesam

  1. Article – Art or Any Other Topic

Legacy by Mara Bovsun

They Smell Dead People by Mara Bovsun

Bills and Mills: How Ag-Gag Legislation and Puppy Mills Affect Dog Trainers by Rachel Brix

The Glorious Art of Coursing Greyhound by Debra Lampert-Rudman


The Companion – Canine Companions for Independence

The Dog & Hound


  1. Any Topic

Laser Therapy Promotes Healing by Stimulating the Body’s Own Cells by Kate Eldredge

I Am. We Are. by Kate Kuligowski

Words that Wound by Larry Lindner

Saving a Far-Off Genetic Legacy with Cornell Help by Kim Campbell Thornton


  1. Blogsite or Website

Fidose of Reality by Carol Bryant

Pam Dennison’s Positive dogs, Positive Methods, Positive Results by Pam Dennison ISPEAKDOG.ORG by Tracy Krulik and Kelly Duggin

The IAABC Journal  Marjie Alonso, Jesse Miller

Norwich Terrier Club of America

  1. Magazine or Newsletter

The Rip Van Wrinkler

The Collie Nose

AKC Gazette

AKC Canine Partners News

dwaa dog writers contestG. ONLINE ARTICLES OR BLOG ENTRIES

  1. Article or Blog – Health or General Care

A Sense of Peace by Laura Teresa Coffey

New Screening Tool Provides Early Detection of Bladder Cancer by Penny Leigh

Pet Owners Seek Out Mitral Valve Repair Surgery Overseas by Kim Campbell Thornton  

Laparoscopic Spay: the New Option by Cori Solomon

  1. Article or Blog – Behavior or Training

Sounds of Panic by Deb Eldredge

Multisensory Enrichment for Shelter Dogs by Mik Moeller

The Ultimate Dog Training Tip by Zazie Todd

Separation Anxiety and a Second Dog-Will It Help? by Lisa Lyle Waggoner

  1. Article or Blog – Rescue

After Rescue From Abuse, A Drooly Pooch Named Hooch is 2016 American

Hero Dog by Laura Teresa Coffey

Fostering Ginger by Lisa Begin-Kruysman

Rescuers or Fanatics? The Dark Side of Animal Rescue by Debby McMullen

Rescue Dogs Help Protect Endangered Species as Conservation Canines by Jen Reeder

Paralized Rescue Pup “Albert on Wheels” Rolls Right into Hearts by Monica Weymouth

  1. Article or Blog – Any Other Topic

More Good in the World Than Bad by Laura Teresa Coffey

What Do Dogs See in Mirrors? by Julie Elizabeth Hecht

Marc Ching: Fighting Tooth and Nail Against the Dog Meat Trade by Nicole Pajer

Giving Dogs, Inmates, A New Leash on Life by Monica Weymouth


  1. Single Photo

Dash in the Field by Pam Gleason

Junior Exhibitors Class, Carolinas Hound Show by Pam Gleason

  1. Single Illustration or Painting

Summer Graduation 2017 by John Bentzinger

Top Ten Reasons Why Terriers Make the Best New Year’s Dates by Melanie Feldges

FiveSibes Top 10 Back-to-School Dog Tips by Dorothy Wills-Raftery

  1. Series of Illustrations or Paintings

Just Giants, Illustrations by Julie Brenan

Honey, Have You Squeezed the Dachshund? by Kelly D’Anne Guntner

Sleeping in Bed with Your Dog: The Essential Guide by Josh Carter

Toby by Hazel Mitchell

The Golden Retriever: America’s BFF by Molly Poole

  1. Posters, Calendars, Brochures or Pamphlets

Dog Stars-Collie Club of America 2017 Calendar

Bernese Mountain Dog Calendar 2018 by Bernd Guenter

The Pet Lovers Handbook-San Diego 22nd Edition by Judith Macomber

The Fivesibes (Red) Nose Knows: Red Nose Day by Dorothy Wills-Raftery

2017 Puppy Calendar Canine Companions for Independence by Florence Scarinci


  1. Humor

Does Your Rescue Dog Have Issues? (Or Do You)? by Kristin Michelle Avery

Top Ten Reasons Why Terriers Make the Best New Year’s Dates by Kristine Kibbee

25 Ways My Dogs Celebrate National Dog Week by Susan C.Willett

Haiku by Dog: Canvas by Susan C. Willett

  1. Poetry

Let’s Walk by Lee Netzler

Maggie May by Lee Netzler

No Racing Allowed by Lee Netzler

I Lay at Her Feet by Corina Olsen

Lead On by Debra Lampert-Rudman

  1. Short Fiction

On the Scent of Life by Lisa Begin-Kruysman

That Doggy Not in the Window by James Colasanti

The Comfort of a Dog: An Unexpected Gift from My Mother by Mary Beatrice McGrath

Trained to Serve by Amy Shojai

  1. Essays/Editorials

My Struggle with Compassion Fatigue in Animal Rescue by Katelyn Aase

My Dog Made Me the Mother I Am, But She Didn’t Live to See It by Brook Bolen

What Makes a Breeder? by Kate Eldredge

Mitral Valve Repair Surgery Saved Our Dog Harper by Kim Campbell Thornton

Glory Days by Patience Renzulli

dog writers association of american dwaa logo germinder goodnewsforpetsJ. OTHER MEDIA

  1. Video, DVD, or TV Broadcasts

The Leash Reactivity Blueprint by Tristan John Flynn

Life Saving Bond: Woman’s Dog Gives Her Courage to Heal by Jane Miller

Video Guide to Grooming the Scottish Terrier – Scottish Terrier Club of America

Pet First-Aid by Denise Fleck and Riannon Trutanich

  1. Radio, Podcast, or Other Audio

What To Do When You Get Stuck by Hannah Branigan

The Sibe Vibe: Huskies and Heroes Outreach Program by Dorothy Wills-Raftery and Robert Forto

Talking Canine Epilepsy & Seizures with Dr. Arnold Rugg by Dorothy Wills-Raftery and Robert Forto

K. CLUB PUBLICATIONS (National, Regional or Local)

  1. Magazine Format

The Alpenhorn

Chronicle of the Dog

Griffonnier: The Magazine of the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association

Harp and Hound

Mastiff Club of America Journal

  1. Newsletter Format

Pasanita Obedience Club Newsletter

The Scottie Scuttlebutt

The USDAA Overview


  1. Article – Any Topic

Fairy Tales, Christmas, & the Indomitable Spirit of an Old Dog by Mary Fish Arango

Whitney’s Miracle by Emelise Baughman

Billy and Candi by Michael J. Cody

Heartworms 2017 by Caroline Coile

Canine Herpes Virus: The Now-You-See-It-Now-You-Don’t Killer of Neonatal Puppies by Nancy Paule Melone

  1. Regular Column or Series

To Godmother’s House We Go by Elizabeth M. Jarrell

Rescue Column by Kay Marks

Obedience Column by Diane Currie Niland

Azize’s Princess Levia: The Training of a Search and Rescue K-9 by Sharolyn L. Sievert


Cairn Terrier Club of America – 100 Years of Celebration Commemorative Chronicle

New Complete Dog Book by Mara Bovsun

The Westminster Kennel Club 2017 Official Program


  1. Single, Related, or All-Breed

The Leonberger: A Comprehensive Guide to The Lion King of Beasts by Caroline Bliss-Isberg

Just Giants by Enid S. Lagree

  1. Rescue or Adoption

I Once Was Lost, But Now I’m Found: Daisy and the Olympic Animal Sanctuary Rescue by Laura Koerber

Life with Forty Dogs: Misadventures with Runts, Rejects, Retirees and Rescues by Joseph Robertia

  1. Training or Sports

Fun & Games for a Smarter Dog by Sophie Collins

Training Dogs by James O’Heare

Beware of the Dog by Pat Miller

  1. Behavior, Health, or General Care

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Care by Tammy Gagne

Modern Dog Parenting by Sarah Hodgson

Symptoms to Watch For In Your Dog: How to Tell if Your Dog is Sick and What to Do Next by Jana Rade

  1. Human/Animal Bond

Incredible Dog Journeys: Amazing True Stories of Exceptional Dogs

by Laura Greaves

Rescue Smiles: Favorite Animal Stories by Tamira Thayne and Heather Leughmyer

Sophie: Best Friends are Forever by Theodore Slupik

  1. Reference

101 Things to Know Before Getting a Dog by Susan M. Ewing

The Pet Safety Crusader’s My Pet & Me Guide to Pet Disaster Pawparedness by Denise Fleck

Gamify Your Dog Training by Terry Ryan

  1. Fiction, Young Adult, or Humor

Land of the Free by Donna Ball

Flash of Brilliance by Donna Ball

Blood Red White and Blue by Kathleen Delaney

Ghosts of Iwo Jima by Joe Jennings

Starting Over by Sheri S. Levy

  1. Children

Sled Dog Dachshund by Laura Atkins

Toby by Hazel Mitchell

The Story About Tigger by Cameron Pendergraft

Harry Taylor, Hometown Hero by Alden Taylor

DWAA will announce the winners of both regular categories and special awards on December 13, 2017. Winners of each regular category will receive a Maxwell Medallion, which honors Maxwell Riddle; the former DWAA president and AKC judge wrote about the sport of dogs for over five decades.

Award winners can accept their Maxwells and cash prizes at DWAA’s awards banquet, which will be held the evening of Saturday, February 10, 2018 at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan. Speakers include Dr. Marty Becker, Laura T. Coffey, and Hall of Fame inductee, David Frei.

“I’m so grateful to Su Ewing for chairing the contest, and to all of our sponsors, judges and entrants,” said DWAA President Jen Reeder. “The DWAA writing contest is such a fantastic way to honor top-notch contributions to our field. Congratulations to all the nominees.”

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