Digitail’s AI Vision for the Veterinary Clinic and Pet Parents; AAHA Partner AI Survey To Be Released In Q1


Digitail’s Workflow Vision in the Clinic

Digitail, is an all-in-one cloud-based practice management software with a built-in AI assistant and native pet parent app.  The company was co-founded by Sebastian Gabor in 2018. According to Digitail, today over 1,000 animal hospitals rely on Digitail to streamline their workflows and keep their teams and clients happy.

Some of the capabilities of Digitail’s AI:
  • Patient intake (think of an airport online check-in): three days before their appointment, clients receive a message from Tails collecting their information and history. The summary is automatically added to the patient record, saving everyone time on-site.
  • AI assistant: using specific patient information, it can aid in diagnostic and treatment planning, calculate dosages, create discharge notes, personalized recommendations or client emails, and even answer complex medical questions.
  • AI Dictation: voice-to-text capabilities that automatically sort records into a SOAP.
According to the company, this is just the beginning, as Digitail believes that AI can be implemented throughout an entire patient journey. Below is an illustration provided by Digitail.

Digitail’s Pet Parent Journey in the Clinic: AI vs. Manual

Digitail just completed an industry-wide AI use survey that garnered 4,000 responses. Administered by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the survey aimed to explore the perception and utilization of AI tools among veterinary professionals.
The company stated it is in the process of analyzing the findings which will be shared as a white paper on the company’s website at the end of the first quarter. When the survey was announced earlier, Digitail CEO Sebastian Gabor said,

Sebastian Gabor

“Just like at the dawn of the internet in the 90s, we are now witnessing the next paradigm shift. The impact of AI on our daily lives and work will be profound. As AI is beginning to make its strides in animal healthcare, it is essential to collect feedback from veterinary professionals at this early stage.”

“The actionable takeaways from this study will help steer the innovation in the direction that aligns with the needs and expectations of the industry. Together, we can pave the way for a future where AI complements and enhances the practice of veterinary medicine.”

Goodnewsforpets looks forward to sharing these results!

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