Diggs Introduces Enventur Inflatable Travel Kennel


Large Enventur Inflatable Kennel Photo Credit: Diggs

Diggs reimagines the travel experience for pet guardians and their dogs with Enventur, an inflatable travel kennel that’s an upgrade for pet comfort, safety, and security. Launching today, Enventur is lightweight and ultra-durable, so pet guardians can have peace of mind, and pets can enjoy cozy convenience, whether taking the dog for a quick car ride to the park or on a cross-country adventure.

Enventur successfully addresses the issues with current travel kennels and provides the best of both worlds with a lightweight, inflatable design that’s simple to set up, comfortable, safer, and more durable than its competitors. Enventur is made from high-quality materials that are puncture-resistant, waterproof, and chew-resistant. When not in use, the lightweight kennel folds flat—perfect for storing away.

Air-cushioned side walls and flooring keep pets cozy and comfortable in Enventur, with no additional bedding needed. Its soft design welcomes pets in for a cozy trip, with no rattling metal bars or hard plastic shells, making travel more peaceful. Waterproof materials keep hygiene and comfort top of mind, making on-the-go cleanup a breeze.

Enventur is adaptable and can be fully inflated in the car. The small and medium kennels are sedan, crossover, SUV, and van compatible. The large kennel is SUV and van-compatible. Enventur is easily inflated and deflated using a manual pump or electric air pump.

“This is the travel kennel your dog has (probably) always dreamed of,” said Zel Crampton, Founder, and CEO of Diggs. “Pet Guardians and their four-legged friends deserve a travel kennel that is pet-forward in its design, lightweight, and easy to store. Enventur aims to help keep your pup safe on any adventure!”

It’s available in Small (Dogs up to 30 lbs.), Medium (Dogs up to 55 lbs.), and Large (Dogs up to 80 lbs.).


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