Consult Your Veterinarian Before Getting a Pet

DENVER, Feb. 11 /PR Newswire/ — Television viewers around the country will watch the Westminster Dog Show on February 11-12, and many will be enchanted by the unique breeds they see. Some may be tempted to rush out and buy a purebred puppy, but they may end up with a dog they don’t have the space, time or means to take care of. To avoid situations like this, the American Animal Hospital Association suggests that you consult your veterinarian before bringing a new pet into your home. The decision to acquire a new pet is one that needs to be taken seriously. All too often, well-meaning families purchase or adopt pets only to find out that the animals are not what they expected, are not compatible with their lifestyle or require more care than they originally thought. By gaining expert advice prior to acquiring a new pet, you can help ensure a successful lifetime match. (For answers to commonly asked pet questions, visit considering a new pet, remember that your veterinarian is the best source for information about companion animals. “Veterinarians can counsel prospective pet owners on several issues, including the typical health problems of various breeds and how a new pet will interact with other people and pets in your family,” says Janice Trumpeter, DVM, veterinary spokesperson for the American Animal Hospital Association. “With the help of your veterinarian, you should be able to find an animal that fits into your home, your family and your life.” Your veterinarian can help you understand the differences and special needs of certain breeds and certain animals and whether you have the time, room and financial resources to care for a pet. A veterinarian can also tell you how much grooming, training and activity each breed will need. The American Animal Hospital Association is an international organization of more than 24,000 veterinary care providers who treat companion animals. Established in 1933, the association is well known among veterinarians for its high standards for hospitals and pet health care. For more pet care information or to find an AAHA hospital near you, visit the AAHA website at

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