Ceva Animal Health Provides Alameda County K9 Unit with Vectra 3D as Part of Their Double Defense Protocol


In conjunction with revealing Phase 2 of a groundbreaking study by John McCall, MS, PhD at this year’s AVMA annual convention, Ceva Animal Health donated a year’s worth of Vectra 3D.  The Alameda County K9 Unit received the donation through Groveway Veterinary Hospital as part of their preventative wellness plan for all dogs within the unit.

Groveway Veterinary Hospital takes care of all 22 service dogs within the Alameda County K9 Unit. Recently, Groveway Veterinary Hospital’s Clinical Director discussed with all the new K9 handlers the basics for good healthcare including vaccinations, parasite control and prevention, dental health, fecal testing and regular examinations. Methods to prevent and identify heat stroke while the dogs are training in the hot weather were also covered.

As part of the preventative wellness plan, partners Ceva Animal Health and Zoetis generously sponsored one year worth of free flea, tick and mosquito control and a heartworm preventive. Ceva Animal Health donated Vectra 3D as the flea, tick and mosquito control method and Zoetis provided Proheart, a 6-month heartworm preventive. Using both a vector control method and a heartworm preventive falls in line with the new Double Defense approach supported by Dr. John McCall’s Ceva Animal Health sponsored study. The Phase 2 results were presented at the 2016 AVMA annual convention.

To find out more about the Double Defense study and Vectra 3D go to fightheartwormnow.com.

Join the fight against mosquitoes and vector borne disease in dogs by sharing this educational infographic available as a PDF or a JPG.



Source: VetnCare.com


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