Celebrate American Humane Association’s Adopt A Cat Month (R) in June

DENVER, May 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — As part of its ongoing effort to promote cat and kitten adoption, American Humane created Adopt-A-Cat Month (R). Adopt-A-Cat Month is held annually in June, when shelters around the country are inundated with litters of kittens in desperate need of loving homes. The event encourages cat adoptions from shelters, promotes the benefits of owning a cat and informs the public about how to care for their pets responsibly.

“Every spring and summer, cats reproduce in record numbers, and millions end up in animal shelters,” said Marie Belew Wheatley, president and CEO of American Humane. “American Humane encourages people to help relieve inundated animal shelters by adopting a cat or kitten during Adopt-A-Cat Month this June.”

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

  1. Cats will keep you entertained with their playful antics.
  2. Cats are very affectionate and love to cuddle with you.
  3. Having a cat can reduce your blood pressure and prevent heart disease.
  4. Cats are very clean — they bathe themselves!
  5. Cats are independent and can be left alone while you are at work.
  6. Cats do not need to be housebroken – using the litter box comes naturally to them.
  7. Cats do not need a lot of space. They are perfect pets for apartments and smaller homes.
  8. Taking care of a cat can help teach a child responsibility and humane values.
  9. Cats get plenty of exercise living indoors. Just 15 minutes of playtime each day will satisfy a cat.
  10. Approximately 4 million homeless cats end up in animal shelters every year in the United States. By adopting, you’ll be saving a life.

For more tips on adopting a cat and information on Adopt-A-Cat Month, visit www.americanhumane.org/aacm.

About American Humane

Founded in 1877, the American Humane Association is the only national organization dedicated to protecting both children and animals.

SOURCE American Humane Association


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