Cats for the GENIUS


Cats for the GENIUS  is your comprehensive owner’s guide to everything feline, showing us how to understand what our cats are trying to tell us.  The author, Ramona Marek, MS Ed., is an award winning free-lance writer and this years recipient for the Goodnewsforpets Human-Animal Bond Award.

Her new book is written with clever wit and in an easy-to-read conversational style common to books in the For the GENIUS series. It shows you how to build the foundation of a long, healthy, happy relationship between you and your cat.

cats for the genius

Price: $24.95, Author: Ramona Marek, MS Ed.

Cats as a species are surrounded by myth, misinformation, and misunderstanding, causing so many to be relinquished to shelters. With humans, miscommunication is often behind misunderstandings in relationships. Communication is no less important in our relationships with our cats. Usually, the miscommunication involves a perfectly normal feline behavior that may be innate, instinctual, a sign of stress, or a medical condition that a person finds unacceptable in the home environment—weakening the human-animal bond or completely rupturing it.

The book is divided into four progressive parts of eighteen chapters which can easily be read individually and out of order.

Part 1, Selecting a Cat, focuses on the responsibilities of having a cat, picking a compatible feline personality, preparing your home for a new cat, and making proper introductions to other pets and family members.

Part 2, Life with Your Cat, delves into feline nutrition, reading and understanding cat food labels, verbal and nonverbal feline communication, and basic care and grooming of your cat.

Part 3, Keeping Your Cat Healthy, covers how to choose a veterinarian, important vaccinations for your cat, common feline diseases, and fascinating feline anatomy.

Finally, Part 4, Partings, is about the ways we part company with our cats, life expectancy, and the difficult end-of-life decisions we must make.

Sprinkled in each chapter are a variety of sidebars with tidbits of extra information, and of course, cat pictures!



Source: For the GENIUS Press


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