Cats Choose You…Now Choose A Shelter Cat!

Publisher’s Note: This column is the third in a series “countdown” highlighting the ten 10th Anniversary iPad contest winners, a bit of the “story behind the story. Winner Jennifer Goddard found solace in a cute little cat called Pumpkin while she was unemployed and working at a local shelter. She’s a big advocate of cats and a big fan of the ASPCA. Read how they helped her with her other cat which is why she naturally chose the ASPCA to receive her $500 matching donation to help other pets.

Jennifer Goddard

Why did you make your matching donate to the ASPCA when you won your iPad?

I’m happy a donation was made to the ASPCA. They helped my 5-year-old cat Quentin Crisp back in 2001 with donated veterinary services when I was in a situation that I was not able to afford the care he needed. Quentin had suddenly developed a urinary tract blockage and the ASPCA was the only place willing to help us.

They said, ‘bring him in right away and don’t worry about payment – just pay what you can whenever you can.’ They did everything they could to help Quentin but the blockage was too much. Euthanasia was the only alternative. I eventually paid them back, but I’m still very grateful to them, so I was very excited about being able to give back with this donation, a great way to start 2011.

How did you hear about

I found through a Google search while I was looking for good tips for pet safety.

How did you hear about the contest? What appealed to you?

I heard about the contest through the site’s main page. I thought it was a great way to share my story about Pumpkin while promoting the value of adoption and volunteer work at animal shelters, which are wonderful ways to give back to animals.

How do you plan to use your iPad?

I’m a freelance writer and editor so the iPad is an instant upgrade to my 3-year-old laptop and it’s very short battery life! I’m really looking forward to being more mobile with my work!

What makes you a cat person?

I love all animals and have always had all kinds of pets throughout my life but cats are closest to my heart because they choose you. Whereas dogs tend to like everyone, cats are very selective about who they love and allow to love them.

Would you recommend adopting a shelter cat?

Absolutely! I’ve adopted every cat I’ve ever had — all from shelters. As a volunteer for an animal shelter, I always encouraged families to look beyond the kittens (who were adopted within hours, usually) and consider the older cats who would be the most appreciative of a loving home and family.

Anything else to add?

As soon as I was in a better financial position, I promptly paid the ASPCA in full for the work they did to try to save my cat Quentin in 2001; however, I’m extremely grateful to for allowing me the chance to really pay their goodwill forward with the $500 donation. Thank you!


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