Cat Writer’s Association Honors Top Writers, Photographers and Editors

WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK ” The International Cat Writers’ Association (CWA) honored top writers, photographers and editors in print, broadcast and online media at the 17th annual communications contest on Saturday at the Crowne Plaza White Plains Hotel.

This year, CWA offered corporate-sponsored special awards of $500 to $1,000, as well as its own Muse Medallions™ to winners in approximately 45 writing and graphic arts categories. The special awards in 2010 included topics in feline veterinary research, health, behavior, nutrition, seniors, kitten care, safety issues, the human-animal bond, rescue and rehabilitation, grooming and responsible ownership, plus awards for fiction and for new writers.

Here is a rundown of the winners in the regular and the special award categories. In the regular contest, each category was scored independently by three CWA member judges whose three scores were then averaged by the contest committee. Individuals had to score an average of 90 or better in order to become finalists and earn certificates. The top scorer in each category was awarded a Muse Medallion™.

These individuals earned Muse Medallions™ for scoring the highest in the following categories:

  • Monthly Magazine: Susan Logan, ed. Cat Fancy
  • Magazine Article, Health & General Care: Dusty Rainbolt, “A Long and Healthy Life,” Cat Fancy
    Magazine Article, Behavior & Training: Brenda Griffin,”Scaredy Cat or Feral Cat,” Animal Sheltering
  • Magazine Article, Any Other Topic: Janiss Garza, “Breed Rescue 2.0″ ” Cat Fancy
  • Magazine Column: Cimeron Morrissey, “Foster Focus,” Cat Fancy
  • Regional Magazine Article, Any Other Topic: Debbie Waller, “Barn Cats,” City + Country Pets
  • Newspaper Article, Health & General Care: Fran Pennock Shaw, “Deadly Feline Disease (FIP),” Lancaster Sunday News
  • Newspaper Article, Any Other Topic: Steve Dale, “Join Cat Adoption Campaign,” Tribune Media Services
  • Newspaper Column: Elaine Wexler-Mitchell, “The Cat Doc,” The Orange County Register
  • Newsletter, Breed Specific: Brigitte McMinn, Bengals Illustrated
  • Newsletter, National Circulation: Catnip, Arden Moore, ed.
  • Newsletter, Regional or Membership Circulation: Cat Tales, Cimeron Morrissey, ed.
  • Newsletter Article, Health & General Care: Kim Thornton, “Understanding the Euthanasia Process,” Catnip
  • Newsletter Article, Any Other Topic: Amy Shojai, “Debunking 10 Feline Urban Legends,” Catnip
  • Newsletter Column: Arden Moore, “Editor’s Note,” Catnip
  • Short Story: Carole Nelson Douglas, “Butterfly Kiss,” Running Press
  • Poem: Bernadette Kasmarski, “Pawprints and Raindrops,” Catnip Chronicles
  • Humor: Rosie Sorenson, Greeting Cards from the Cats of Buster Hollow, Buster Hollow Productions
  • Opinion Piece, Essay, or Editorial: Dusty Rainbolt, “Dear Hobbes: Adopt Me!” City + Country Pets
  • PR / Humane Education / Press Kits: (TIE) 1. Steve Dale, “Connecting with Cats,” Catalyst Council/American Humane; 2. Mary Shafer, “Almost Perfect Press Kit,” Enspirio House
  • Books, Fiction: (TIE) 1.Carole Nelson Douglas, Cat in a Topaz Tango, Forge Books; 2. Shirley Rousseau Murphy, Cat Striking Back, Harper Collins/Morrow/Avon
  • Books, For Children: Thad Krasnesky, That Cat Can’t Stay, Flashlight Press
  • Books, Health & General Care: Celeste Yarnall and Dr. Jean Hofve, The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care, Quarry Books
  • Books, Gift: Peg Silloway, The Cat Lover’s Book of Days, Ursa Books
  • Books, Other: Lorrie Bell Hawkins, Jolicure Cats, Percheron Press
  • Video, DVD, or TV Productions: Sandy Robins, “Flying the Feline Friendly Skies, Packing for a Road Trip with Your Cat, Matilda’s Birthday Bash in NYC”
  • Radio, Podcast or Other Audio Presentation ” Mixed Format: Steve Dale, “Steve Dale’s Pet World WLS Petcast ” FIP, Pt. 1,” WLS-AM Radio
  • Website: Mary Anne Miller,
  • Online Article, Health & General Care: Amy Shojai, “Old Cat Behavior & Senility,”
  • Online Article, Behavior & Training: Amy Shojai, “Solve Your Cat’s Separation Anxiety,”
  • Online Article, Any Other Topic: (TIE) 1. Dusty Rainbolt, Ask Einstein,”; 2. Florence Scarinci, “Pet Therapy ” Not Just for Golden Retrievers Any More,”
  • Online Column: Kim Thornton, “Creature Comforts,”
  • Blog: Educational: (TIE) 1. Dr. Jean Hofve, “News from Dr. Jean,” Only Natural Pet Store; 2. Robin Olson,
  • Blog: Entertainment: Janiss Garza, “Sparkle the Designer Cat,”
  • Black & White Photograph (single): (TIE) 1.Stephanie Galindo, “Sunny,” Coalition Humane; 2. Weems Hutto, “Trust,” Catnip
  • Black & White Photograph (series): Stephanie Galindo, “Happy Family,” Coalition Humane
  • Color Photograph (single): Bob Walker, “Kibble on the Table,” The Cat’s House
  • Color Photograph (series): Janiss Garza, “Sparkle the Designer Cat 2010 Wall Calendar,” Fitcat Enterprises Inc./Café Press
  • Illustration (single): Bernadette Kazmarski, “Peaches and Peonies,” Self/Sold in stores as general sympathy card
  • Illustrations (series): Dwight Kirkland, Jolicure Cats, Percheron Press


Here is a list of the special award winners in 19 categories.

2010 CWA Special Awards Winners

  1. DR. JIM RICHARDS CORNELL FELINE HEALTH CENTER VETERINARY ISSUES AWARD: Fran Pennock Shaw, “Treating Cancerous Oral Tumors,” Catnip
  2. FANCY FEAST® LOVE STORY AWARD: Steve Dale, “Microchipping: A Tale of Hope,” Tribune Media Services
  4. HARTZ EVERY DAY CHEWABLE VITAMIN AWARD: Cimeron Morrissey, “Senior Cats for Senior Citizens,” Cat Fancy
  5. HARTZ GLAMOUR-PUSS AWARD: Dusty Rainbolt, “Dude, Tic Tac!” City + Country Pets
  6. HARTZ MILK REPLACEMENT FOR KITTENS AWARD: Dusty Rainbolt, “Hope Rises,” Cat Fancy
  7. KARI WINTERS RESCUE AND REHABILITATION AWARD: Janiss Garza, “Shelter Me: Be Prepared before Choosing a Shelter Kitten,” Kittens USA.
  8. MERIAL HUMAN-ANIMAL BOND AWARD: Ingrid King, Buckley’s Story. iUniverse
  9. PETFINDER.COM ADOPT A HOMELESS CAT AWARD: Steve Dale, “CATegorical Care: An Owner’s Guide to America’s #1 Companion,” Catalyst Council/American Humane
  10. PRO PLAN® PEDIGREED CATS AWARD: Brigitte McMinn, The Cat Breeder’s Handbook, TIBCC
  11. PURINA® CAT CHOW® NUTRITION AWARD: Debbie Swanson, “Feeding Time,” Kittens USA
  12. PURINA® ONE® HEALTH AWARD: Fran Pennock Shaw, “Deadly Feline Disease (FIP),” Lancaster Sunday News
  13. PURINA® KITTEN CHOW AWARD: Marilyn Krieger, “A Gentle Approach,” Kittens USA
  14. STICKY PAWS® TRAINING AWARD: Karen Pryor, “Clicking with Shelter Cats,” Animal Sheltering
  15. TIDY CATS® FELINE BEHAVIOR AWARD: Amy Shojai, “Cat Talk,”
  16. WORLD’S BEST CAT LITTER-ARY AWARD: Thad Krasnesky, That Cat Can’t Stay, Flashlight Press
  17. SHOJAI MENTOR AWARD: Barbara Florio Graham
  18. KUYKENDALL IMAGE AWARD: Dwight Kirkland and Lorrie Bell Hawkins, Jolicure Cats, Percheron Press
  19. CWA PRESIDENT’S AWARD: Cimeron Morrissey, Cat Tales, Homeless Cat Network


CWA was founded in 1993 and is dedicated to providing news, information, and education on all aspects of cat care and welfare, as well as improving the quality of writing about cats. CWA provides members with networking opportunities and encourages professionalism and communication among cat writers, photographers, artists, editors and broadcasters. Amy Shojai, of Sherman, TX, serves as president of this organization. Learn more by visiting the CWA website:


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