Cat Writers’ Association Announces 2002 Muse Medallion™ Award Winners

The winners of the 2001-2002 Cat Writers’ Association Communication Contest were announced at an Awards Banquet held November 23, 2002, in Houston, Texas as part of the ninth annual Cat Writers’ Conference.

There were more than 400 entries in this year’s contest in both the regular and Special Award categories. Winners in the regular categories receive a Muse MedallionTM. Special Award winners receive the prize designated in the award.



Category: Books


Cat Laughing Last, Shirley Rousseau Murphy

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Judge’s Comments: “She makes us care deeply about all her characters. They are sensitively drawn with great detail. Her feline detectives are irresistible.”

Care & Health

Kitty Stuff, Jodi Alessandrini & Kathy Kinser

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Judge’s Comments: “This is a good ‘Why didn’t I think of writing that!?’ book. Fantastic topic that I had not seen covered like this before.” “Tone is amusing and the illustrations appealing.”

Behavior & Training

Complete Kitten Care, Amy Shojai
(New American Library)

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Judge’s Comments: “Exhaustive book. Has she written herself into a corner? How can she top this one? Outstanding content that is streamlined and attractively laid out.”


When Your Pet Outlives You, David Congalton & Charlotte Alexander
(NewSage Press)

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Judge’s Comments: “It is not only a good book, but it’s an important book. Well done.”


Cat Haiku, Deborah Coates
(Warner Books)

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Judge’s Comments: “I loved this little book. The author captures all things cat in this clever and delightful book.” “Paws down winner. So cat-true and funny, too. Wish I’d written it.”


Category: Magazine

Magazine Four-Color, National Circulation

Your Cat, Vicki Christian Budrevich, editor
Judge’s Comments: “Fine photography (lots of gorgeous cats); short, punchy items/articles; and useful info-bits.”

Magazine Article/Feature on Health Care

Silent Suffering, Fran Pennock Shaw

Magazine Article/Feature on Training Behavior

“Lashing Out,” Cat Fancy, May 2002, Pam Johnson-Bennett
Judge’s Comments: Judge’s Comments: “Good advice. Novice cat owners may not know why cats act out. The article is clearly written and organized and provides solid, not commonly known information about common aggressive behavior.”

Magazine Article/Feature on Any Other Topic

“Allergies and Your Cat,” Whole Cat Journal, December 2001, Fran Pennock Shaw

Magazine: Column (Tie)

“Serving Animals,” Cat Fancy (Various dates), Susan Easterly
“Unsung Heroes,” Cat Fancy (Various dates), Arden Moore
Judge’s Comments: “The two tied winners were articles that kept sucking me in as I judged.”

Category: Newspaper

Newspaper Article/Feature/News Story

“Vets Using Pain Meds,” Lancaster Intelligencer Journal, April 23, 2002, Fran Pennock Shaw
Judge’s Comments: “It was one of those articles I wanted to save and read over and over again.”

Newspaper: Column

“Do Animals Have Souls?,” Dayton Daily News (Various dates), Roz Young
Judge’s Comments: “After reading these columns, I feel like we’ve been good friends forever, and as if I knew Edith personally.” “Her columns drew me into her life and made me care what she wrote about.”

Category: Newsletters or Regional Publications

Newsletters or Regional Publications: Breed Specific

International Scottish Fold, Evelyn Russell, editor

Newsletters or Regional Publications: Other/Color

Our Animals, Paul Glassner, editor
Judge’s Comments: “The articles would interest many different pet owners and the publication shows a high quality in every sense.”

Newsletters or Regional Publications: Others/Black & White

Alley Cat Mews, Louise Holton, editor
Judge’s Comments: “If you have an interest in learning more about stray or feral kitties, this newsletter is a good place to start.”

Newsletter – Yearbook, Annual or Semi-Annual

Feral Cat Activist, Kris Rerecich
Judge’s Comments: “Inspiring and well-done. The content is well researched and reported. It is fresh and informative.” “Excellent, compelling articles.”

Newsletters or Regional Publications: Article/Feature

“A Wish for Emma,” Our Animals, Spring 2002, Linda Brinen
Judge’s Comments: “This judge was moved to tears by this well-told, heartwarming, moving story.”

Newsletters or Regional Publications: Column

“Dear Hobbes,” City + Country Pets (Various dates), Dusty Rainbolt
Judges Comments: “Putting advice in a cat’s mouth – especially on subjects such as health and behavior – takes plenty of nerve but she pulls it off.”

Short Story (Tie)

“Chasing China Cats,” LinQ, October 2001, Lyn McConchie
“The Cat and Mouse Caper,” Alfred Hitchcock’sMystery Magazine, July/August 2002, Cynthia Lawrence
Judges’ Comments: “These were a lot of fun to read. The top stories were well written and had engaging characters, strong viewpoints, good conflicts, and satisfying endings.”

Series, Subject Related

“Coping with Allergies,” Whole Cat Journal, Sept/Nov 2001, Fran Pennock Shaw
Judge’s Comments: “Packed with detail and new research. I felt I really learned something new.”

Other Categories

Brochure/Pamphlet, or Special Publication

Feral Cat Colony Management, Louise Holton
Judge’s Comments: “Easy to follow and very well done.”

Video or Television Production

“Shelter Cats with Karen Pryor”, Darlene Arden
Judge’s Comments: “A very strong interview showcased by a guest and a host who were equally matched and concerned on the issue. This is the kind of broadcast deserving of a larger audience.”

Radio Presentation, Audio Tape or CD

Animal Planet – Show #60, Steve Dale

Electronic: Online Presentation, Lisa Allmendinger

Electronic/Online Presentation: Single Online Article

“Finding and Choosing a Breeder,”,August 2001, J. Anne Helgren
Judge’s Comments: “Outstanding writing, good research and reference, great links, informative and showed a total understanding of the subject matter.”

Electronic/Online Presentation: Online Column (Tie)

“Purina Cat Chow Way of Life,”, Amy Shojai
“Choosing A…,”, November 2001, J. Anne Helgren
Judge’s Comments: “These entries inform and entertain the reader.”

Graphic Arts: Single Black & White Photo (Tie)

Sleep Champ,” Complete Kitten Care (New American Library), Amy Shojai
Jasmine Grooming,” Catnip, Feb. 2002, Sandra Toney

Graphic Arts: Single Color Photo

“Cat Jumping,” Here Kitty Kitty, Catherine Crawmer
Judge’s Comments: “The winning photo instantly tells a story. No words are needed to explain why it’s on the cover of this magazine. Not only does it portray an unusual event, it’s also an action photo, one that’s difficult to capture.”

Graphic Arts: Series of Photos/ Black & White

Complete Kitten Care (New American Library), Amy Shojai
Judges’ Comments: “A beautiful balance of text illustration and emotion. Excellent job.”

Graphic Arts: Series of Photos/Color

“Love Beneath the Skin: Cat Tattoos,” Our Cat, May 2002, Heike Hagenguth
Judge’s Comments: “Innovative subject, intriguing photo essay.” “Arresting images that make you think way out of the ordinary. Very good use of the medium.”

Graphic Arts: Illustration

“Two Ears, Two Eyes, Tulips,” I Love Cats, May/June 2002, Wendy Christensen

Graphic Arts: Series of Illustrations

Why Cats Do That (Willow Creek Press), Wendy Christensen
Judge’s Comments: “The illustrator does a very good job of literally illustrating the text.” “The illustrations capture the essence of ‘catness.’ We see coy, mischievous, naughty, curious – all qualities that made us fall in love with cats in the first place.”



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