Cat In An Alphabet Endgame by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cat In An Alphabet Endgame written by Carole Nelson Douglas recently received the coveted MUSE© Medallion in the fiction book category at the 2017 CWA Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. Additionally, Carole also won the  “World’s Best Cat Litter-Ary Award” in the special awards category.

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Hardcover $25.99, Paperback $16.97, Kindle & NOOK Book $9.99, Author: Carole Nelson Douglas

The 28th and last book in the Midnight Louie feline PI alphabet-titled mystery series from USA TODAY and Amazon bestselling author Carole Nelson Douglas. New York Times Notable Book of the Year author Carole Nelson Douglas’s cast of four human crime solvers must not only stop a massive Las Vegas conspiracy involving international terrorism and the FBI, but feline sleuth Midnight Louie’s roommate, PR powerhouse Temple Barr, is contemplating marriage. Will syndicated radio counselor and ex-priest Matt Devine’s inside track lose out to the return of that wily dark horse, magician Max Kinsella? The suspense is killing somebody. Meanwhile, a Strip-wide resurgence the long-vanquished Las Vegas mob could have Temple in search of an undertaker rather than a Justice of the Peace. Luckily, Midnight Louie and the Las Vegas Cat Pack are planning their finest moments to bring down the baddies. But no one can help Temple find which direction her wayward heart must go.

About the Author

Award-winning ex-journalist and USA TODAY best-selling novelist Carole Nelson Douglas has written sixty-three novels ranging from historical and contemporary mystery and romance to science fiction thrillers to high and urban fantasy. No wonder her home office is a Twilight Zone landscape of mannequins in vintage dress.

She’s a four-time Rita Award finalist and has RT Reviews Magazine lifetime achievement awards in Suspense, Mystery, Versatility and as a Pioneer of Publishing. Currently, she writes two popular Las Vegas-set series: the Midnight Louie, feline PI, mysteries partially narrated by a “Sam Spade with hairballs” and the Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, noir urban fantasies of werewolf mobsters and Silver Screen zombies in a paranormal Sin City.

Douglas was the first author of a Sherlockian series with a female protagonist, diva-detective Irene Alder, the only woman to outwit Holmes, debuting with the New York Times Notable Book of the Year, Good Night, Mr. Holmes. Douglas says if she has a literary muse, it’s definitely feline: mysterious, wise, playful, and packing sharp shivs in velvet gloves.

Product Details

Series: The Midnight Louie Mysteries (Book 28)
Paperback: 314 pages
Publisher: Wishlist Publishing; 1 edition (August 22, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1943175055
ISBN-13: 978-1943175055




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