Canine Art Guild Hangs Second Online Exhibition

On August 1, 2007, The Canine Art Guild (CAG) will proudly hang its second online exhibition, titled, “Dogs Just Want to Have Fun,” at

The exhibition will include original artwork capturing the joy and amusement of canines.

“The tone of this show is so lighthearted that I feel like I am throwing a party,” states Colleen Lodge, show coordinator. “This show makes me smile. Each artist has beautifully depicted a diverse range of special moments when dogs force us to stop what we are doing, and take a moment to enjoy the simple act of playing.”

“Our first show, “An Artists’ Best Friend,” was well received,” said CAG director Kimberly Kelly Santini. “We hung 49 pieces, each with their own inspirational story. It was a wonderful introduction to our artists and their diversity of talent.”

CAG artists work in all mediums, e.g. paint, ceramics, pencil, sculpture, photography, and digital art, and hail from all corners of the earth. They share resources, educational experiences and marketing ideas while providing inspiration and support to each other.

The CAG offers members a private discussion forum, a profile page linked to the artist’s website, and participation in regularly scheduled online exhibitions. Plans are in place to build a reference photo library, provide art tutorials, and create an online gift shop.

Collectors can browse the CAG website ( by breed, grouping, artist’s location, medium, or alphabetically.

There also is a CAG Webring linking artists’ websites so visitors can tour guild member’s individual galleries.

The Canine Art Guild plans an ongoing series of exhibitions. The next exhibition, slated for February 2008, will be titled “Black and White.” It will feature black and white canines, of course, but with a creative twist.


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