Brilliant Pet Introduces New Interactive Toys for Cats and Dogs at Global Pet Expo 2010

(Chicago, IL) " Brilliant PetTM, a leading manufacturer of innovative pet products, is excited to announce its New Lineup of Pet Toys for 2010. Following Global Pet Expo’s 2009 Best in Show winner, FroliCat BOLTTM automatic laser toy, is the DARTTM automatic rotating laser toy. DART debuts at this year’s Global Pet Expo as the first of many toys to come in Brilliant Pet’s new dog line, RouseDogTM. Simply place DART on a flat surface, turn it on, and watch your pet chase and jump at the laser light. With variable speed settings and an adjustable timer, owners can create 16 exciting play combinations for their pets! DART provides fun exercise for both cats and dogs and is sold under FroliCat and RouseDog brand names.

Brilliant Pet is also happy to announce its new addition to the FroliCatTM family. FroliCat SWAYTM magnetically suspends a toy from a variety of flat surfaces. Simply attach the SWAY magnets on opposite sides of a table or shelf and watch your cat have fun! Also play with your cat by sliding the SWAY across the table to watch him bat and swing.

While the innovative company prepared its new 2010 lineup, it also improved upon other products, including the BOLT automatic laser toy. New improvements for 2010 include a quieter motor, more engaging laser patterns, and upgraded components.

Brilliant Pet even has a NEW merchandising system for FroliCat & RouseDog toys. Retailers can prominently display the award-winning BOLT, the NEW SWAY, the NEW DART, or a customizable combination of all three! Both floor and counter displays are available. Interchangeable header cards include a built-in video option to attract consumer attention and drive sales.

Please visit and to obtain more information on new and improved FroliCat and RouseDog toys. If you would like more information regarding this press release, product samples, demonstration DVDs, or product images, contact Jamie Brant at MassMedia at 775-322-0755 or

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About Brilliant PetTM
The mission of Lucky Litter LLC dba Brilliant PetTM is to allow pet lovers to spend more quality time with their pets. Brilliant Pet develops innovative products under the ScoopFree®, FroliCatTM, and RouseDogTM brand names. The ScoopFree is the inventor of self-cleaning and easy-clean litter boxes that use disposable, pre-filled litter trays to provide the ultimate in convenience. FroliCat is a line of innovative cat toys designed to engage your cat in fun exercise and enthused play. The first product, BOLT, was voted “Best in Show” by retail buyers at the 2009 Global Pet Expo. New for 2010 is the RouseDog line of dog toys and a new automatic rotating laser toy, DART. Brilliant Pet proudly stands behind all of its products with guarantees, warranties and customer service that set the industry standard for quality. For more information, please call us at 888.726.MEOW (6369) Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST or email us at


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