Breaking A Leg & Soldiering On

This past October we faced Hurricane Sandy’s  wrath with flashlights at the ready, a generator on standby and a boat tethered to the dock (too late to pull it out of the Hudson). We survived relatively unscathed. Yes my husband had to scavenger for gas for the generator, but at least we had one — and an undamaged home. The boat on the Hudson miraculously continued to float tethered to a pylon — missing floating away by a foot.

Three days later “our Sandy moment” hit as I broke my tibial plateau “walking” our two labradors. We took an unfamiliar route as our regular path was blocked by trees and downed power lines. I will save the details for another post, but suffice to say it happened, the leg is on the mend and we are indeed soldiering on. Despite the mishap, I and so many others consider ourselves fortunate to largely escape this deadly storm.

Other New Yorkers are not so lucky. That’s why I’m proud to be the 2013 president of PRSA-NY. This December, our chapter stepped up under the guidance of Henry Feintuch, 2013 President-Elect and 2012 VP of Programming to host a holiday event to benefit the children of Coney Island. We’ve raised funds to help replace baseball equipment for Our Lady of Solace Baseball League and provided gifts for the Friends of Kaiser Park. We hope to continue to help not only these organizations but more in 2013 through the PRSA-NY 2013 Community Outreach program. There are many worthy animal health organizations that will continue to help. Breaking a leg isn’t so bad when it brings into focus those less fortunate. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2013!


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