Book Signing With Author and Pet Expert Amy Shojai on May 23rd at The Cat Connection!


Join Amy Shojai along with Kitty Kaviar™ and Perfect Litter™ at The Cat Connection in Dallas, Texas for book signing and feline fun on Saturday, May 23rd!

April 10, 2015DALLASCat lovers will join together on Saturday, May 23rd at The Cat Connection in Dallas, Texas for an informative day of feline fun! From 10:00am – 1:30pm a book signing and meet and greet with Author and Pet Expert, Amy Shojai will take place. Samples of both Kitty Kaviar™ and Perfect Litter™ will be provided for all attendees, as well as gift certificates for purchases made in-store or on The Cat Connection website This special event will inform cat owners on innovative and healthy products to benefit their feline friends, while discussing cat related topics with pet professional, Amy Shojai.

amy shojai

Amy Shojai

Amy has been reinventing herself for years. She’s a certified animal behavior consultant, and the award-winning author of 30 best selling pet books. Amy has been featured as an expert in hundreds of print venues including The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, and Family Circle, as well as national radio and television networks such as CNN, Animal Planet’s DOGS 101 and CATS 101. She’s been a consultant to the pet products industry and a host/program consultant for select “furry” TV projects. Learn more about Amy Shojai:

Her experience and expertise in the pet industry is superior, and she only supports high-quality products that are safe and healthy for our furry friends. Attendees at this event will have a truly unique experience sampling both Kitty Kaviar™ and Perfect Litter™, while browsing all-natural and organic products The Cat Connection store offers. A video shoot will take during this day in hopes to discuss these unique products with cat owners who attend.

“I’m so excited to share Kitty Kaviar and Perfect Litter products at the upcoming event at The Cat Connection,” expresses Amy Shojai, “In addition to the book signing, this will be a great learning experience and fun-filled day for all cat owners in the Dallas area!”

About The Cat Connection: The Cat Connection was founded in 1985 with the goal of becoming the premiere DFW resource for anything and everything cat. Since then, they’ve become much more than just a local retail and grooming store. Their company is dedicated to providing all-natural, organic, hard-to-find cat products and unwavering focus on superior customer service has allowed them to expand their offerings online! Learn more at:

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About Kitty Kaviar™: Kitty Kaviar™ is 100% natural protein from bonita, a kind of fish in the tuna and mackerel family. It’s carved into paper-thin wispy shavings with aroma that stimulates hunger. This premium treat for cats contains absolutely no additives, preservatives or By-Products. Kitty Kaviar™ passes the most stringent US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) standards making it one of the safest treats available for pets. Learn more at:

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About Perfect Litter™: Winner of four National awards for innovation in kitty health and care, Perfect Litter™ is a natural, environmental friendly, mineral based product with off-the-chart odor control. Cats love the fine paw-soft texture that mimics clay, which clumps just as well but weighs a fraction as much. Perfect Litter™ absorbs four times as much liquid as clay but also lasts longer, up to 4 – 6 weeks for one kitty. As a bonus, this is the first 100% natural cat litter that allows you to visually monitor the health of your cat at all times. Our feline friends often suffer from urinary tract infections and conceal their pain. Perfect Litter™ turns pink if urine is too a high pH, offering an early warning system and peace of mind for responsible cat lovers to get prompt veterinary help. Learn more at:


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