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Goodnewsforpets was a sponsor and exhibitor at this year’s Cat Writer’s Conference, which teamed up with BarkWorld for a double whammy of an experience!

For all of you that stopped by our booth thanks for showing your support and interest for what we do, it’s what keeps our passion alive. For this event we were raffling off copies of the ACVB book “Decoding Your Dog” that were signed by Pet Journalist Steve Dale and a grand prize of the infamous Elena Kriegner Heart-Paw necklace, a Goodnewsforpets exclusive design. Previous winners of the necklace, from other events, includes Jody Miller of Bark & Swagger, Yvonne Divita of BlogPaws, and Darlene Bryant our Goodnewsforpets relaunch online contest winner this past May. Joining these fabulous women as our BarkWorld/MeowWorld winner is none other than multi-media pet lifestyle expert Sandy Robins of! Sandy had this to say about winning “I’m thrilled to enjoy winning and wearing the lovely Goodnewsforpets Paw necklace that celebrates pets, and doubly thrilled a donation will go to the Petaluma Animal Shelter. I have followed their story for years and they are now the “poster child” when it comes to helping ferals and much more.”

Congratulations to Sandy and all our winners!

BarkWorld MeowWorld Necklace

Sandy Robins and our Founder Lea-Ann Germinder with the Elena Kriegner Heart Paw necklace.

Check out Sandy’s latest video wearing her Heart Paw!

The stunning Heart-Paw Pet Lovers Necklace was designed by Austrian Jewelry Designer Elena Kriegner to celebrate the May 2014 rebirth of the Goodnewsforpets site.  Hand sawed to perfection and made with care, Kriegner put thought into the design, wanting it to appeal to a wide array of pet lovers, yet unmistakably making the piece stand out as a gorgeous necklace that shows its wearer loves animals. 

Decoding Your Dog,” is written by several diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB). These experts analyze problem behaviors, decipher the latest studies, and correct common misconceptions and outmoded theories. The book includes:

  • Effective, veterinary-approved positive training methods
  • Expert advice on socialization, housetraining, and exercise
  • Remedies for behavior problems such as compulsive disorders and aggression

The ACVB columns on will highlight the content from Decoding Your Dog with the experts that deliver a must-have dog behavior guide that ultimately challenge the way we think about our dogs.


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