(Kansas City, Missouri) – March 10, 2000 – Outraged by the recent story about a man in San Jose, California who threw a woman’s beloved pet into oncoming traffic after a “fender-bender”, has pledged $1 from each registration it gets from March 15th through the month of April to the Leo Fund to catch the culprit.

Deborah Welsh, President of stated, “I was so outraged and sick when I heard this story on the NBC Today Show Wednesday morning. As a Veterinarian’s daughter and pet lover, I felt I had to do something. This type of sick behavior toward animals must be stopped. I hope this man is caught and dealt with harshly by the justice system. Our company doesn’t have a lot of money, but I had to do something.” is the first nationwide pet registration service with an easy to use search engine that reunites lost pets with their owners. Pet owners can register online at or fill out a registration form provided by their Veterinarians or animal shelters. Using the pet’s rabies tag or license tag number, along with pertinent pet owner information, a pet is added to the site’s database. The pet owner receives a red tag that states, “I am lost. Visit to find my home.” The pet owner receives a User ID and password to maintain complete security and privacy of the pet owner information.

For more information contact Deborah Welsh, President at 888-745-6465. Email inquiries can be made to



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